Unit 1 and Class Growing Together Our class rules are laid down by us. Section A New knowledge introduction The function of law is to maintain social order and safeguard the safety and interests of the people.What does the order of that class depend on? Exploring new knowledge No rules, no square.State-owned national law, school rules, class rules.Class rules are the rules of class life.Class rules can make class life healthy and orderly, so that students in the class can enjoy, safe learning and activities. Exploring new knowledge Our classroom learning is orderly and active. Exploring new knowledge Our class activities are lively and safe. Exploring new knowledge When we borrow books, we all take good care of them and put them back in their original position after reading them. Exploring new knowledge What do you think is the use of class rules?Tell me what you think. Exploring new knowledge Big Search for Class Regulations Carry out a big search for class rules to see what they contain. What are the contents of the class rules? Exploring new knowledge Read it. Class Regulations (1) Early to bed and early to get up on time, polite to go in and out of school. Self-regulated learning can cooperate and concentrate on listening, listening and thinking. Classroom cleaning, honesty and trustworthiness to remember. The queue gathers quickly and quietly without running indoors or outdoors. Dining civilization is not picky, treat public goods like treasures. Exploring new knowledge Class Regulations (II) 1. Respect teachers in class, listen carefully and speak actively. 2. Students respect each other, speak civilly and do not fight. 3. Take the initiative to help students who meet difficulties. 4. Pay attention to personal hygiene, dress neatly, cut your nails and wash your hands frequently. 5. Keep the classroom and campus clean and tidy, and don't litter. 6. If you violate the class rules, apologize to the whole class. Exploring new knowledge Tips: 1. You can read it again and circle what you think is important with your pen. 2. Compare the two rules to find out their similarities and differences. Talk about what aspects of these class rules contain. Exploring new knowledge Main aspects: Study discipline Hygiene Ceremony Although the two rules are expressed in different ways, they cover similar contents. Exploring new knowledge Summary: Class rules involve all aspects of our class life, no matter how they are presented, but they contain similar contents.It is to ensure that the class life is healthy and orderly, so that students in the class can study and live happily and safely. Exploring new knowledge Activities: We make the class rules. How should class rules be formulated?Which of the following two ways of formulating class rules do you think is more reasonable? Exploring new knowledge The class rules of our class are made by the teacher alone. The class rules of our class are determined after the teacher leads the students to discuss together. Exploring new knowledge The formulation of class rules is not a simple matter, we must master the procedures and methods of class rules formulation. Here are some things to pay attention to when making the class rules. Please put in front of the opinions you agree with, and think about what else you can add. •The contents of the class rules should not be detailed and comprehensive. •In view of the problems existing in the class, the contents of the class rules are put forward. •Every class rule should be passed by a vote. •Measures should be taken to correct violations of class rules. •There should be amendments to class rules Exploring new knowledge If there is no class rule in your class, do it now. According to our class objectives, we can put forward corresponding rules and requirements. Some students play football in the classroom between classes. They should make it a class rule that they can't play football in the classroom anymore. ... Teachers always like to ask the students in the front row, the class rules should be added, teachers should take into account the whole class when asking questions. After-school activities Formulate class rules in groups and discuss them in the next class to see which ones are feasible. Section B

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