Import In the history of world science, there is such a great scientist who not only devotes his whole life energy to the cause of science, but also le aves a will behind him to donate all his legacy to the cause of science, in order to reward future generations and climb the peak of science b ravely.Today, the science award named after him has become the hig hest honorary award in the world.This great man is Nobel Prize.So ho w much do you know about the time, winners, institutions, places an d so on when the Nobel Prize was first awarded?Today, let's look for t he answer from a news article, The First Nobel Prize Award. Unit 1 2 First Nobel Prize Award Character introducti on Nobel (1833-1896), Swedish chemist and engineer.Nobel has more than 100 inventions in mechanics and chemistry, but his most prominent one is the invention of explosives.He devoted all his life to the study of explosives. He was known as "the king of explosives" for inventing nitroglycerin detonators, nitroglyce rin solidified explosives and shaped explosives. background inform ation In 1860, Nobel began to study nitroglycerin explosives.In 1863, he returned to Swe den to work with his father and brother to develop explosives. He blew up the fact ory and killed his brother in an accidental explosion. The government forbade them to carry out further tests.He once set up his laboratory on a barge in Lake Ma ra outside Stockholm.In the autumn of that year, Nobel successfully invented the d etonator for nitroglycerin explosive; in October, he obtained the patent for nitrogly cerin explosive.In 1866, the explosion of nitroglycerin happened all over the world, so the nitroglycerin company was in trouble, and the explosive of glycerin was inve nted.On the evening of Dec. 10, 1896, Nobel died at Mionid Village in San Limo at th e age of 63.Prior to Nobel's death, he made a will in 1895, using most of his propert y as a fund of $9.2 million. With annual interest of $200,000 a year, he established fi ve prizes, namely, physics prize, chemistry prize, physiology or medicine prize, liter ature prize and Peace Prize (1969 Bank of Sweden added economics prize), to rewa rd those scholars who made the greatest contribution in the above fields.Since 190 1, prizes have been awarded at 4:30 p.m. on Dec. 10, the time of Nobel's death. Import topics Moyan won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012 and Tu Youyou won the Nobel Prize for Pharmacists in 2015 Leak filling Detection of Pre-reading Accurate Pronunciation Zh IssueB()Nwill () Jianshuzhong () cut a huge amount of money Infiltration of outstanding achievements ZH ng Zhu SH() n Holistic perception Read the text silently and grasp the time, place, characters and events of the news . Time: December 10, 1901; Location: Stockholm, Sweden; CharacterKing of Sweden and Nobel Foundation o s: f Norway and Nobel Prize winners Event: First Nobel Prize Award Holistic perception Five Structures of News Title: Get to know the main content of news quickly Introduction:Understand the news in more detail Main body: More detailed understanding of news content Background: Conclusion: The Social and Natural Environment of News Occurr ence News end Holistic perception Five Structures of the News Title: First Nobel Prize Award IntroductioParagraph 1 (Interpretation of the issuing body, time and object) Paragraphs 2 and 3 (Detailed introduction of time, place, award win n: Main body:ners, award-giving agencies) Paragraph 4 (Further introduction to the source of the Fund) Background The first Nobel Prize is awarded every year. : Conclusion: Read the text silentl y Read the text silently and savor the feelings Read the text independently and make comments and circles beside the text book. Experience the author's emotions and the style of the article. Punctuation requirement 1. Divide the parts and levels of the article into two vertical lines //, and one vertical line //, respectively. 2. Keyword or well-used word with emphasis "...". 3. Good words and good sentences use wave lines. 4. Grasp the key words when annotating, contact t he background information and talk about the char acters'personality or thoughts and feelings. Discussion on taste hierarchical structure Part I 1 The main conten ts of news repo rts and the ori gin of Nobel Pr ize are briefly summarized. Part II 2-4 This paper repo rts the winners of the Nobel Pr ize and the kno wledge about th e Nobel Prize. Discussion on taste Par

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