Advanced Use of PPT Pictures Simple Quick Start Course (3) 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝 The Use of Pictures Little knowledge Picture save KJNova Clipper Picture alignment Common knowledge of typesetting 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝 1 Picture save TuPian save is very simple. Right-click on the picture and choose to save as the picture. It may be set before it is saved, such as Original graph 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝 2 KJNova Clipper Format - clipping (pictures can be clipped according to their size when they are combined) Original graph Draw circles Picture distortion After clipping, the filling image will not be deformed 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝 The original drawing will now be tailored to this size. Original graph Drawing the original picture directly, deforming the picture Cut to this size, the picture does not deform. 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝 3 Picture alignment Picture alignment is very important when the slide is projected. It is a manifestation of PPT details. If the audience finds that the slide is not aligned, it will affect the persuasion of PPT. Choose the desired image - Format - alignment, with leftright up-down center, left-right up-down alignment For the commonly used upper and lower key alignment boots attention, it is not uniform, because the upper and lower left and right movement is to move at a certain distance.~ 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝 4 Common knowledge of typesetting Common collocation with layers or adding translucent backgrounds to highlight text effects Original graph (Add translucent layer) 用心设计 原创作者:小小酒窝

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