Unit 1 Our Guardian Topic 1. Feeling the Law in Life 1Through learning, Clas dat s 2-2 hour we can understand e the concepts, characteristics and contents of criminal law, civil law and administrative law, and know that different laws adjust social relations in different fields and play different functions. Teaching objectives 2Through learning, we know that the law has set rules of conduct for us, provided external safeguards, and maintained our normal life. 3Knowledge of the law is a strong shield to protect us. When our legitimate rights and interests are infringed, we should be good at using the weapons of the law to safeguard our Teaching emphasis Teaching difficulties Teaching rights and interests according to law. Understand the concepts of criminal law, civil law and administrative law, and realize the great role of law. Know what rights and interests the law protects. Teaching preparation: multimedia courseware, legal cases, preparation textbook illustrations and so on. Preview Observe where we live, what laws and regulations exist, and requiremen what role these laws and regulations play. ts Teaching process I. Review Introduction 1Reviewing: Students, in the last lesson, we had a preliminary understanding of the law. We know that there are laws everywhere in our life. Now the teacher will take an examination of you. As citizens of the People's Republic of China, what rights do we enjoy according to law?What obligations should be fulfilled at the same time?Where do we deal with laws in our lives? 2Introduce: In today's class, we will continue to learn common sense about law with you. 3The topic of blackboard writing: 1. Feeling the law in life II. Life and Law 1Understanding Criminal Law Sidenote Teacher Guidance: Law is generally divided into two categories: criminal law and civil law. So what is criminal law? Students are free to read page 6 of the textbook to understand the concept of criminal law.(Criminal law is the law that prescribes crime and criminal law.) History knowledges Show the story of "Three Chapters of the Constitution" in the reading corner of page 6 of the textbook. Students can read it freely and understand the contents of the three chapters. Teacher: The allusion of the Three Chapters of the Constitution took place in the Western Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago, which should be a model of Chinese criminal law.It stipulates that "the murderer is guilty of death, injury and theft."This rule is still in effect today.However, China's current criminal law is more comprehensive and perfect. It stipulates more than 400 crimes, including theft, robbery, kidnapping, corruption, traffic accident and so on. It protects the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in an all-round way. 2Understanding the Civil Law Show the concept of civil law on page 6 of the textbook, guide the students to read it, understand the concept of civil law and the content of civil law. Related links On page 6 of the textbook, the students read the content of the case freely, and initially realized that the contract signed by the buyer and seller belongs to the content of civil law. Show the two illustrations on page 7 of the textbook, guide the students to have a look, understand the contents of the illustrations, and realize that the signing of insurance contracts with insurance companies and land contracts with village committees belong to the content of civil law. List the civil law examples in life, and guide students to further understand what belongs to civil law. Case 1: On September 23, 2014, Xu Mou, a post-90s man from Gangbei District, Guigang City, Guangxi, was employed as a powder warehouse worker in a ceramic company of Guiping City as a raw material workshop. At that time, the two sides did not sign a labor contract.On October 2, 2014, just after 10 days of official employment, Xu Mou was strangled by machine belt while working, and then sent to Guiping People's Hospital for hospitalization, diagnosis of left humeral fracture.Can the company refuse to compensate for workrelated injuries on the grounds that there is no contractual relationship between the two parties? Recently, the People's Court of Guiping City, Guangxi, answered this specific question in a case: the employer and the employee have formed a labor relationship since the date of employment. Case 2: Recently, Mr. Wang bought a high-brand DVD player in a large supermarket in Handan.Aft

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