Real estate management Name: Jiang Liwen More than two years working experience | female | 25 years old (September 10, 1986) Residence: Shenzhen E-mail: Native place: Maoming City, Guangdong Province Recent work [2 years and 4 months] Company: HaoWu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd Industry: real estate development Position: Marketing Director Highest academic qualifications Education: Bachelor degree Major: real estate management School: Shenzhen University Self evaluation He is conscientious and practical, has a strong sense of responsibility; has team spirit, passion, strong organization and communication ability; has front-line construction site work experience, is responsible for the budget and cost control of large overseas projects, and has accumulated rich project experience. Job intention Arrival time: within one month Nature of work: full time Hope industry: real estate development Target location: Shenzhen Expected monthly salary: face to face / month Target function: department head Hands-on background 2009 / 8-present: XX Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. [2 years and 4 months] Industry: real estate development Marketing Director of marketing department 1. Served as the marketing director of XX bieyuan project, mainly responsible for: 2. Case field management, to ensure the standardization of case field process, to supervise the implementation of case field system, to help sales personnel solve various difficult problems in the sales process; 3. Responsible for personnel recruitment, position allocation and management; 4. Organize sales personnel to conduct market research, summarize, integrate and formulate sales materials and speeches; 5. Participate in the formulation of regular marketing plan, the discussion and formulation of product pricing plan; 6. Responsible for the business training of sales personnel (reception process, signing process, contract formulation, mortgage procedures, check-in process, real estate certificate issuance procedures, etc.) and assessment of sales personnel; 7. Be responsible for the statistics of transaction, payment and dunning, coordinate with relevant departments and make statements; 8. The sales performance of the team is ranked as "monthly champion" and "annual champion". The turnover in the second half of XX accounted for 70% of the total turnover, and the sales task was over fulfilled. --------------------------------------------------------------------2008 /7--2009 /7: XX Property Co., Ltd. [1 year] Industry: Property Management / Business Center Property Management Manager / Supervisor of commercial property management (customer service, administrative management) 1Be responsible for the daily management of the shop, coordinate the handling of complaints and arrange and coordinate the maintenance work; 2Assist the commercial management department of the developer to sort out and manage the owners, charter shops and leasing merchants; 3Assist the commercial management department of the developer to operate the business invitation of the shop; 4Coordinate the administrative management standards of the business district for the business street and the business complex; 5Participate in the coordination and implementation of the visit and investigation work of leaders at all levels; 6. supervise the work of the community club. Education experience 2004 /9--2008 /7 Bachelor of real estate management, Shenzhen University Certificate 2007 /7 National registered second class constructor 2007 /6 National cost engineer qualification certificate 2006 /12 College English Band 6 2005 /12 College English Band Four Language ability English (proficient) listening and speaking (proficient), reading and writing (proficient)

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