Nike ad proposal Catalog I. PrefaceThree II. Company profile Company profileFour III. product analysis (I) brand typeFive (II) main objectivesFive (III) sloganFive IV. market analysis (I) target marketSix (II) competitor investigationSix V. consumer analysis (I) general situation of consumersSeven (II) consumer purchase factorsSeven Vi. advertising strategy (I) advertising target planningEight (II) consumer market strategyEight VII. Advertising design (I) plane posters and super neon advertisementsNine (II) online advertising and brochuresNine (III) CM advertisementNine VIII. Advertising implementation plan (I) timeTen (II) media combinationTen (III) media selectionTen IX. advertising budgetEleven I. Preface Nike is the name of the Greek goddess, whose trademark symbolizes the Swoosh (feather) of the Greek goddess's wings, representing "speed + movement".Since its establishment, Nike has been exploring and innovating continuously. With its strong strength, it is ahead of the similar brands, occupying the world sports brand market to a large extent. In 1999, the company launched the most innovative alpha series products specially designed for the top professional athletes engaged in special sports. The five dots mark the five major "investigation, exploration, innovation, verification and competition"Steps. As a famous brand in the world, Nike is still working hard. In addition to its superb shoemaking technology, Nike is better than others in media publicity. In addition, it has paid a lot of money to invite the world's top athletes engaged in different sports as its brand spokesmen, such as Michael Jordan (basketball), Ronaldo (football), Michael Johnson (track and field), among which MIC is moreHeal. Jordan launched its own brand, "Air Jordan".At present, Nike has almost become a well-known and popular sports brand, but Nike will continue to explore and innovate, becoming the world's first brand. II. Company profile Company profile 1972 Nike is officially incorporated.Its predecessor is the blue belt sports company invested by current Nike president Phil Knight and Coach Bill Bowerman. 1973 Perry fangting, the creator of the 2000-10000 meter running record in the United States, became the first track and field athlete to wear Nike shoes.1978 Nike international is officially established.Nike shoes began to enter overseas markets such as Canada, Australia, Europe and South America.1979 The first Thai wind running shoe using Nike's patented air cushion technology was born.The first Nike apparel line is on the road.1980 When Nike entered China, it established the first Nike production Liaison Office in Beijing.After that, Nike adheres to the concept of "local for local". It not only introduces advanced technology into China, but also devotes itself to the cultivation of local talents, production technology and sales concept. Taking the local and using the local, Nike has made rapid progress in China.1996 It has officially established a wholly-owned subsidiary in China.Nike (Suzhou) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shanghai, has set up branches in Beijing and Guangzhou (Hong Kong was also incorporated into China as a branch in January 2002).May 2002 Nike began to hold three-on-three football match of Nike scorpion in the whole country. Hundreds of youth teams competed for medals of 14, 16 and 18 years old respectively in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.This is another great event Nike has made for the development of Chinese youth sports. July 2002 Nike specially invited NBA superstar Vince Carter, who is known as "Dr. Fang Ke", to Beijing. The purpose of Carter's visit is to support Chinese youth basketball career and spread the culture of Fang Ke. August 2002 Nike will sponsor a group of "street Acrobatic Basketball youngsters" representing the American Free basketball culture to come to China and compete with their peers in China. Nike will sponsor a group of "street Acrobatic Basketball youngsters" representing the American Free basketball culture to come to China and compete with their peers in China. In China, Nike not only supports the development of China's football industry, but also pays attention to the development of young people. It has launched a large-scale youth sports series of "my dream", which is the first three to three basketball match in China, Nike high school men's Basketball League, Nike Youth Football Super cup, four to four youth football open

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