I believe you are not new to body advertising, which often appears in our life, especially those vans, buses, cars and so on.Especially the bus advertising is the best. If you think about the route you need to take every day, it's hard to change. The bus advertising is very important for the brand.So, how about the exposure effect of bus advertising? People who don't know may think that there are so many forms of advertising, bus advertising is dispensable for the brand, there are other options not to put bus advertising! However, on the contrary, bus advertising is very important to the brand.Bus advertising is the key for brands to open regional market. 99.9% of cities in China have buses. Bus is the most common means of transportation in the city, and also the most widely spread outdoor media in the city.Bus body advertising has formed a communication network covering the whole city, which can form a propaganda momentum in a short period of time and achieve high exposure and high arrival of advertising information. As a necessary means of transportation in the city, the bus can quickly break the boundaries of the circle and realize the extensive transmission of advertising information.It can help the brand "make a splash", appear in the streets of the city overnight, impact the existing distribution pattern of the market, and enhance the brand awareness. It can also go deep into the regional market, carry out targeted communication, or cooperate with the brand in the local offline stores, carry out activities, have the advantages of clear direction, clear guidance path, and easily obtain high-quality communication effect.For entering a new area, to open a new market brand, bus advertising is essential. Different from online virtual traffic, bus advertising contacts real consumers, and every exposure is also real exposure, which can greatly reduce the invalid cost of advertisers, and make every penny of advertisers spend on the edge. Bus body advertising also has mobility, a wide range of communication.Each city will have hundreds or even thousands of public transportation lines. Through the optimized combination of public transportation lines, the wide coverage of the target communication area can be achieved, and the "sense of existence" can be fully painted for the brand. Anhui Dai's Media Co., Ltd. registered capital 10 million, the implementation of general manager responsibility system, the company set up the general manager room, office, business department, design department, finance department, engineering department; the company's existing media: outdoor brand, antiaircraft artillery, section, Fucheng bus management rights, film and television, Internet + project.Since the establishment of the company, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, the performance has been increasing year by year.Welcome people with lofty ideals to join our team and create a bright future with our wisdom and hard work! Our business includes bus body advertising, outdoor media, advertising production, design and printing, SouQi business card, etc.If you have the above business requirements, you can contact us directly.

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