[Remind] Don't be fooled by these nine college entrance examination scams! Enough to make you regret your whole life! These days, with the emergence of the national college entrance examination score line, the majority of candidates and parents began another "examination" - filling in voluntary.However, at this time of year, many cheaters seize this opportunity to try to defraud money, and with the development of technology, the means of illegal elements are constantly renovated, some admission fraud dressed in the coat of information technology and then come back. But recently Mr. Wang received a text message called "Student Entrance Material", which addressed him and his son's name directly.And there is also a link at the bottom of the text message. Mr. Wang saw it and thought it was the school information that he had not thought much about, so he clicked it in. As a result, he was cheated by the other party by 100,000 yuan! Today, the editor summarizes the "common tricks used by fraudsters" sorted out by China News Network for you. You candidates and parents must take a serious look and be careful not to be cheated! ____________

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