Summary of the Year-end Work of the Full-time Commissioner for Disabled Persons in Year X (November, X X) Under the correct leadership of the Party Committee and the government, with the strong support of the superior departments and friends from all walks of life, and as a full-time member of the disabled, I have always adhered to the Party's * great spirit, armed mind, guiding practice, conscientiously fulfilling the functions of "representation, service and management" and establishing correctness.The outlook on life and values should be in line with discipline, law-abiding, diligent, dedicated and united with comrades.In the work of the full-time members of the disabled, they should be hard-working and hard-working. They should attach great importance to their work from time to time. They should further establish correct outlook on life, world outlook and values. After careful review, the working, learning and living conditions of a year are briefly summarized and reported as follows, if not, as follows.Yes, please criticize and correct. I. Situation of Disabled Persons in Communities X X community (village) covers an area of X X million square meters. The registered population of X X X people. The community Disabled Association was founded on August 18, X X year. At present, the association has registered X X persons with disabilities, including X persons with physical disability, X persons with intellectual disability, X persons with mental disability, X persons with visual disability.There are X community health service centers, X activity rooms for the disabled and X distance education centers for the disabled.This year, under the guidance of leaders at higher levels, ** Community Disabled People's Association has made some achievements in its work. Community (village) disabled people's work has made great strides in organizational construction, rehabilitation into families, employment of disabled people, education and training, assistance for disabled people and infrastructure construction.Fang Zhan. II. Achievements and Major Practices (1) Actively solving the practical difficulties of the disabled.X XIn 2001, through home visits, full-time community committees carefully listened to the opinions and requirements of disabled people, changing the passive service that disabled people had difficulties and needed to be reflected by themselves or their families in the neighborhood committees in order to get help.Now fulltime members come to know the difficulties of the disabled and offer help on their own initiative.Through active work, we have made a comprehensive investigation of the basic situation of the disabled in our jurisdiction on many occasions, made a careful record of the needs of the disabled, and timely reflected the living conditions of the disabled to the higher disability Federation organizations and relevant departments, and implemented the urban minimum living security system.It is well received by the disabled to assist them in providing regular subsidies and temporary relief to families with severe disabilities and especially poor disabled persons. (2) Seeking practical results and Achieving Rehabilitation in the homes of disabled persons.According to the different rehabilitation needs of each disabled person in the community, we carry out targeted rehabilitation training for disabled residents in the community, so that they can get the best rehabilitation effect.The disabled people in the jurisdiction * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * XXX15XX caused by cerebral palsy have serious limb disorders, coupled with older age, routine training has been difficult to achieve results.As a full-time member of the disabled, I equipped her with limb strength trainers at home with the Association and two comrades to enhance her limb strength.At the same time, she was assigned to the rehabilitation station set up by the District Disabled Persons'Federation for rehabilitation training. Through manual flower arranging training, good results were achieved.Now, after more than half a year of training, she has been able to use the hands that are not flexible, knock on the computer keyboard, using the computer to do some simple operations.The mentally disabled in the community are a couple. Both of them have no jobs and have difficulties in family life. I have done it for himself and his family by contacting plastic extra-flower processing work, which not only

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