Young Pioneers Work Plan in Primary Schools This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! I. Guiding Ideas In accordance with the important thought of "Three Representatives", the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the CPC and the "Several Opinions of the Central Committee and the State Council of the CPC on Strengthening and Improving the Ideological and Moral Construction of Minors", we regard strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors as the focus and center of the work of the Young Pioneers.According to the actual situation of the school, we should formulate a practical work plan for the Young Pioneers.Through experience education, cultivation education, social practice and other effective ways, to enhance the patriotism, national spirit and practical ability of team members, and strive to improve their comprehensive quality.At the same time, we should further strengthen the self-construction of the Young Pioneers and enhance the influence, attraction and cohesion of the organization. II. Key Work Points   1We should intensify our efforts and make unremitting efforts to carry out a number of educational activities.   A. Patriotic Education Strictly standardize the flag-raising system every Monday to ensure the solemnity and seriousness of the flag-raising ceremony. In combination with various commemorative days and holidays, we will carry out in-depth education activities "National Spirit on from the theme generation of to generation".   B. Education of Glory and Responsibility Taking "I am a Young Pioneer", "I live in the Young Pioneer Organization", "I add glory to the Young Pioneer" as the main content, we should carry out extensive education activities on the sense of honor of the Young Pioneers; carry out the education on the sense of responsibility of counselors, comprehensively improve their ideological and political quality and professional quality, and guide them to play a unique role in the ideological and moral construction of children with their own advantages.   C. Safety Education Taking the opportunity "Publicity and Month" combining as with an social practice activities, we will carry out various practical activities to effectively improve students'legal awareness of traffic safety and self-protection ability.   D. Moral Education To carry out a series of activities of "touching" the moral practice experience of children and adolescents.With the contents of "moving into campus," "moving into community," "moving into thousands of homes", we carry out the "moving into three" activities, and organize and guide young pioneers to carry out various forms of moral practice activities in schools, communities and families in the light of experience education.    F. Improve the structure of the website and give full play to its functions. We attach great importance to the important role of Internet propaganda and in moral dissemination education of Young Pioneers'culture. We should carefully organize, integrate materials, actively adapt to the impact of the development of network technology on Young Pioneers' working methods and operating mechanisms, and strengthen the construction Pioneers'network positions of Young to find effective ways to integrate network and moral education.    2Strengthening Youth Pioneers'Selfconstruction     A. The construction of Young Pioneers'positions, the arrangement of team rooms, the establishment of small radio stations, and the cultivation of students' autonomy.    B. Create favorable conditions for the development of Young Pioneers'activities.At the beginning of the school, the team committee gave a competitive speech, trained the members of the new team committee, and held a meeting of the team committee. The team members discussed the work plan and ideas of the young pioneers in this school year.We should strictly enforce the discipline of team cadres, re-examine the cadres'codes and obligations, encourage and urge them to become qualified team cadres, and unite all team cadres so as to improve their efficiency. III. Major Work and Activity A

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