Xiaosheng Junior Interview Qu estion Teacher Chen Wei 19/10/14 1 Real topic display 1. The necessary link of the interview, a brief self-introduction. 2. Introduce your own advantages and disadvantages. 3. Are there any classmates in your class who are better than yo u? What do you think of them? Are you dealing with them well ? 4. What kind of people do you think your father and mother are and what kind of influence do they have on you? 5. Parent's Question: What kind of personality do you think yo ur child is? 19/10/14 2 Real topic display 6. Do you know our school-running characteristics? What do you think of our teaching philosophy? 7. Would you like to be a class cadre after entering middle school? (To students) Do you agree? (To parents) 8. Would you like to live in and study? Why? (To students) What do you think? (Parents) 9. What would you do if you said your grades were not sati sfactory after you entered school? (To students) Do you ag ree with him? (To parents) 10. What would you choose if you had a better study? 11. What kind of school do you want to go to? 19/10/14 3 Real topic display 12. Summarize yourself in one word? 13. In the class situation (squadron committee, propaga nda committee, organizing committee)? 14. Do you like accommodation? 15. How do you evaluate yourself? 16. When a person is at home, his home appliance is o n fire. How should you deal with it? 19/10/14 4 Item prediction 1. What kind of school do you want to go to? 2. Summarize yourself in one word? 3. In the class situation (squadron committee, propaganda committee, organizing committee)? 4. Do you like accommodation? 5. How do you evaluate yourself? 6. If you are a performer, do you want more applause or le ss applause after playing on stage? 7. When others help you, no matter how small things you h ave to say? 8. What should you do when a person is at home and the el ectrical appliances are on fire? 19/10/14 5 Item prediction 9. How do you deal with the relationship between junior high school students and teachers? 10. What class of cadres do you want to be and why? 11. What are your plans for the coming junior high school life? 12. How do you plan your study time? 19/10/14 6 Comprehensive test 1. Are there any talents? 2. What books do you like to read? Why? Tell me about a book you read? 3. What will you do for the rest of your time outside of study? Do you act ively participate in extracurricular activities? 4. What is the origin of Xun Biao's skill of "expelling tigers" in the killing of the three kingdoms? 5. Have you read "20,000 miles under the sea"? Can you introduce the ma in contents? 6. How do you understand Liu Bei's benevolence in the Three Kingdoms? 19/10/14 7 Comprehensive test 7. Do you use internet, mobile phone and computer? How to fac e the problem of "playing computer"? 8. How to treat men's and women's intercourse? 9. What do you think about the speed of the teacher's lecture? 10. What should you do if you are the monitor and some student s copy homework in the class? 19/10/14 8 Interview skills First, be confident in yourself. Second, we must strengthen training in peacetime and find op portunities to participate in more similar activities. Third, candidates must be good at expressing themselves and giving full play to their advantages in the interview. Fourth, if at the interview site, some children still can not restra in the tension, then you can do some small movements to dive rt attention and ease the tension. 19/10/14 9 Stress relief methods The first way is to breathe deeply.Try closing your eyes during the waiting time and taking several d eep breaths in a row, preferably abdominal breathing. Try to see if you can only take one deep brea th in a minute.Deep breathing helps slow down the rapid heartbeat, thereby eliminating all kinds o f tremors. The second way is to mix strange faces.Relax facial muscles by mixing strange faces, twisting lips, ra ising nose and squinting eyes.If you can see your weird appearance in the small mirror, you will lau gh and all the worrying thoughts will disappear. The third way is the on-the-spot activity method.Because nervous moods can generate a lot of heat energy, you can do a little exercise before the exam to let the heat out.Jogging a few steps, walking, kicking and kicking, and so on.This way the tension can be alleviated. 19/10/14 10 What abilities does Xiaoshengchu mainly examine? 1. Investigation of English Expre

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