Work Plan of Reading Association in the Second Half of XXX Year I. G UIDING IDEAS IN ORDER TO MAKE THE THOUGHT OF READING MORE DEEPLY INTO THE STUDY AND LIFE OF C OLLEGE STUDENTS , WE SHOULD ENCOURAGE OUR STUDENTS TO JOIN IN THE ROAD OF "PLEASANT " READING ; CARRY OUT A SERIES OF MORE SPECIFIC AND PROFOUND READING ACTIVITIES CONDUCIVE TO THE GROWTH OF COLLEGE STUDENTS ; BROADEN THE SCOPE OF KNOWLEDGE , ENRICH THE SPIRITUAL WORLD OF SCIENCE STUDENTS , CULTIVATE THE HUMANISTIC FEELINGS OF SCIENCE STUDENTS , AND STUDY IN THE COLLEGE OF MECHANICAL E NGINEERING UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE LEADERSHIP OF THE C OLLEGE.ALL THE DEPARTMENTS OF THE ASSOCIATION COOPERATE ACTIVELY AND PUBLICIZE DILIGENTLY TO CREATE A NEW ATMOSPHERE OF " READING WITH THE EYES AND COMMUNICATING WITH THE SOUL ". II. I NFRASTRUCTURE AND ROUTINE WORK E DITORIAL OFFICE 1.Responsible for the collection of materials for various activities; 2.Update the XXX Wechat platform and QQ space regularly. 3.Assist in publicity, design exhibition board posters, etc. PLANNING DEPARTMENT 1.Develop brains, plan activities related to reading, and write planning books. 2.Through questionnaires and other forms of timely public opinion survey, to understand the activities of the majority of students like the form and content; 3.Manage XXX classrooms and associations'mobile books. Propaganda Department 1.Design and produce exhibition boards, posters, PPT and promotional videos; 2.Regular organization of internal exchange training; 3.Write newsletters, collect and organize activities and archive them. Outreach Division 1.Actively looking for activity materials and social resources to provide financial support for the activities; 2.Establish and maintain good relations with other departments'student organizations; 3.Assist in planning reading activities with various forms and rich contents. III. KEY W ORK P OINTS 1.Strengthen self-organizational construction, train and develop capable student officers, from thought to action, to achieve mental organization, have a college in mind, and have a sense of ownership and responsibility; 2.With "xxxxxx" as the eternal goal and slogan, we strive to do a good job in every activity, combine online with offline, and do everything possible to mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of students, so that the "book fragrance machinery" brand culture penetrates into the hearts of the people, and permeates the learning and life of each student. 3.All departments should cooperate with each other to ensure the cohesion of work, to ensure the quality and quantity of tasks to be accomplished, to put the work into practice, and to do the tasks in detail. 4.We should actively plan and organize various forms of reading activities, excavate talents, normalize the "book fragrance cup" essay collection, expand the "real person library" activities and combine them with the college "xxxxx", and take the development path of combining characteristic activities with a series of activities and corresponding online and offline activities. IV. MEASURES TAKEN 1.Actively contact with all the leading teachers, make every effort to serve the students and become the reading association that students like. 2.Under the leadership of the League Committee, we should actively cooperate with other organizations, always take the college as the center, and disseminate positive energy. 3.Work deployment should be in place, regular meetings should be held, timely inspection and summary should be made, and progress should be made in reflection. 4.Strengthen information feedback and adjust working methods and strategies in time. 5.Always adhere to the College's instructions and deployment to work, will serve the College, students as the eternal purpose of work; 6.Actively looking for more literary enthusiasts, choosing their excellent works, launching a serial platform on Wechat, and attracting more students to read; 7.Planning the construction of newspaper kiosks in our school to facilitate students'extracurricular reading. F IFTH, SPECIFIC PLANS Under the guidance of the leaders of the college and the leaders of the organization, we actively carry out all kinds of work and cooperate with departments to serve the students.All kinds of work related to reading carried out by the organization strive to reflect the excellent spiritual outlook of the student cadres in our college, to fundamentally influence the study and life of the students, to

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