Work Plan of Primary School Head Teachers in 2017 Guidance:The work plan of the primary school head teacher in 2017 is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. The new semester has begun. According to the unified requirements of the school and the actual situation of the class, the following work plan has been formulated.First, the guiding ideology is guided by the overall work plan of the school, aiming at carrying out quality education and innovative education in depth, focusing on school theme education activities, improving students'ideological quality, scientific and cultural quality, taking patriotism education as the main line, taking the cultivation of students' behavior habits as the main content, and paying attention to the cultivation and improvement of students'basic morality.Regulate the daily management of the class, carry out rich and meaningful Young Pioneer activities, and strive to explore the new features of the class work.Secondly, the current situation of students in this class is analyzed. There are 44 students, including 18 boys and 26 girls. The number of boys and girls is unbalanced.The students come from the surrounding villages. There are great differences in personality and study habits. There are five class cadres and no students with special moral character.Specific situation analysis is as follows: morality, the class students love school, class collective, unity and progress, ideological integrity, discipline, respect for teachers, love of labor.Ability to regulate their words and deeds in accordance with the "Code of Primary School Students".However, due to various reasons, some students still have self-centered, weak sense of discipline and other phenomena, which can be transformed through collective education.In terms of learning, the students in this class love learning and have good learning habits.Most of the lectures are attentive, active and elegant.Individual students'learning habits are not good. They can not concentrate on listening in class. They attention.Most need individual parents are counseling farmers.Parents and can special support teachers'work, but they do not attach importance to family education. They hope to cooperate with teachers actively and educate children together.Class characteristics, the class students love learning, discipline.Men live a lively, active and expressive life, while girls are quiet, lovely and do not like to publicize.Generally speaking, the characteristics of the class are relatively stable, but stable and active.3. The focus of class work and target class education should be on the cultivation of behavioral norms, the cultivation of students'good behavioral habits, the continuation of class-loving education, the unity of classmates education, and the improvement of mental health education.Specific work: 1. Continue to do a good job in the regular cultivation education of fifth grade students and cultivate good behavior.2. Do a good job in the management of class health work, cultivate students'daily behavior, and strive to create a model class of health civilization.3. Do a good job of self-protection education for each student, enhance safety awareness, and form a certain ability.4. Do a good job of mental health education for every student, so that their physical and mental health can be developed healthily.5. Make students love science and subject science, and explore new knowledge on their own initiative.The students in this class strive for goal 1. Form a healthy and upward class atmosphere and enhance collective cohesion.2. Strive to be the "excellent class collective" of the school.3. Develop individual characteristics and promote physical and mental health.Specific work: (1) Encourage and support students to actively participate in various activities of schools and classes, strive for excellent results, exercise ability, and cultivate their sense of collective honor.(2) Pay attention to the beautification of the educational environment and give full play to its educational function.Establish various lively evaluation columns. (3) Develop a variety of thematic team meetings, enhance class cohesion in collective activities, and form a good class style.4. Conventional management measures 1. In learning, in order to make students catch up with each other in their study, the following measures sh

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