Work Plan of Primary School Language Teaching and Research Group I. Guiding Ideas: Taking students as the center, quality as the soul, classroom teaching reform as the center and school research as the main way, we should continue to implement the teaching conventions and norms, implement and optimize the teaching process, and improve the teaching quality in a down-to-earth manner.At the same time, combined with the teaching and research practice of all the teachers of the Language Teaching and Research Group, we can create a good teaching and research atmosphere and display stage for teachers, and comprehensively improve the level of classroom teaching and professional ability. II. Specific measures (1) To further standardize and implement routine management of teaching and improve teaching efficiency 1Activities of teaching and research group: regular, fixed-point, fixed-theme content, fixed-center speech.Each group activity should be guided by the spirit of curriculum reform, correctly grasp the three-dimensional objectives, and establish a thematic research objectives, in order to improve the effectiveness of the research.In addition, teachers should participate in activities on time and with high quality according to the notification. .2Lesson preparation: Three preparations, i.e. three-dimensional objectives, textbooks and students.Strengthen the consciousness of collective lesson preparation and pay attention to the sharing of resources. 3Class: Make great efforts to improve the art of teaching, so as to make full use of the existing audio-visual media, make use of online information resources, broaden learning time and space, cultivate students'good learning habits, and constantly improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.Teachers and students should speak Putonghua and write standard characters on the teacher's board.After class, every teacher should write at least one teaching reflection, design or thesis every semester. 4Homework: Homework design should be "refined", reflecting the teaching idea of "light load, high quality". Correction should be "detailed". It should be standardized, timely, pay attention to error correction and situation feedback. Teachers and students comment, home-school interaction. Do a good job of making up for 5Counseling: students'deficiencies.We should teach students in accordance with their aptitude, analyze students regularly, be good at capturing students'flash points, encourage them enthusiastically, and make good use of extra-curricular activities to guide them in different levels so that every student can fully develop. 6Attendance: Open class in group must be listened to, while listening and thinking, timely commentary, advocate more learning and communication with the same grade group teachers.Every semester, every teacher must attend at least 10 lectures. 7Open classes: Teachers are encouraged to attend open classes or seminars.Each teacher has at least two sessions per school year.We should combine expert guidance with the efforts of the teachers in the same group; attend classes, talk, listen to classes and evaluate classes with the whole staff. 8To carry out the activities of reading and writing essays between teachers and students, and to strengthen the cultivation of primary school Chinese reading habits 9Actively carry out the research and discussion of this group, and collate and collect relevant materials. Work plan of primary school Chinese teaching and research group in the first semester of the school year 20192020 In the new semester, in order to implement the requirements of the new curriculum standards, vigorously promote quality education, and do a good job in our school's language education and teaching, we have formulated the following work plans: I. Guiding Ideas Our school will take the scientific outlook on development as the guide of education and teaching, take "all for the development of children" as the foothold of all the work, follow the "New Curriculum Standard of Primary Chinese", deepen the reform of classroom teaching, comprehensively promote quality education, further enhance the quality of every Chinese teacher, thus comprehensively improve the quality of Chinese Teaching in our school.To optimize classroom teaching as a breakthrough, to mobilize the enthusiasm of students and cultivate students'interest in learning Chinese as a starting point, strengthen research, repeated practice, and constantly impro

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