Work Plan of Moral Education in Large Classes Guidance:This work plan for moral education in large classes is for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Teachers should teach children to respect their parents, teachers and elders, be willing to interact with them, and take the initiative to help them do what they can, and learn to let them eat and sit.I have sorted out an article about the work plan of moral education in large classes for reference only. The article is full.First, after two and a half years of kindergarten learning and living, most children can use polite language skillfully, abide by the rules of the game, are willing to participate in various collective activities, and can simply evaluate the behavior of others. Most of the time, children are willing to share toys and food with their peers, and can actively cooperate with their peers in reading and playing.Toys.Most children have a strong sense of collective consciousness, can take the initiative to care about the collective, willing to do what they can for the class collective.Most children can overcome their timidity and boldly perform and tell stories in front of the collective, but there are also some bad phenomena that individual children often have speech and behavior disjointed. For example, in the game, individual children do not abide by the rules of the game and do not care for the operation materials.Individual children can not take the initiative to say hello when they come to the kindergarten. There are also some children who are unwilling to take part in physical exercises, to talk and perform in front of the collective, and so on. Aiming at the above shortcomings, we should set the following goals: second, specific goal 1, to be able to take the initiative to greet the peers in the class, to play with new friends, and to learn boldly in the new environment.2. Guiding children to form a preliminary self-awareness, which can correctly evaluate themselves and others.3. Knowing that he is a member of the collective, can take the initiative to do collective meaningful things, with a preliminary sense of collective honor.4. Develop good study and living habits and appreciate other people's achievements.5. Be able to distinguish right from wrong initially, dare to point out the shortcomings of others, and be willing to help others correct their mistakes.6. Cherish the class's public finances and take the initiative to put the materials back after the game.7. Be confident, patient and conscientious in accomplishing the tasks assigned by the teacher.8. Do not flinch from difficulties, avoid them, dare to face them, and initially learn to face them independently, solve problems and difficulties.9. Love the motherland, respect the national flag, stand upright when raising the national flag and pay attention to it.10. The peers help each other, care for the weak and small students in the class, and can share goods and happiness with their partners.11. Be able to greet others on their own initiative, use polite language when communicating with others, don't say dirty words, and develop good listening habits.12. Comply with public health rules, don't throw litter, spit everywhere, don't make much noise in public places, don't run in disorder.13. Save grain, water and electricity, and protect the surrounding animals, plants and the environment.3. Specific measures 1. Take children out of the campus, make full use of the surrounding environment, educate them to protect the environment, and at the same time find and learn the good style of society.2. Develop festival education in combination with Lei Feng, 38 Festivals, Arbor Day and 61 Festivals.3. Integrate moral education into one-day activities and conduct random education.4. To cultivate children's good social behavior by telling stories and continuing stories.5. Adhere to positive education for young children, moral education for all, and carry out corresponding individual education for some young children.6. Teachers set an example, pay attention to teaching by example, and influence children's behavior by example.7. Ask parents to cooperate and let children do what they can at home, so as to cultivate children's good life and behavior habits.

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