28Two poems of praise to teachers on Teachers'Day Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Someone Says Some people say you are spring silkworm Spring silkworms die Some say you are a candle Burning oneself to illuminate others Some say you're a gardener Work hard all year round Some say you are the sun Warm the hearts of all children Some say you are a lighthouse Lighting up the Way of Students'Life Some say you are the ocean Worship of the Voice of Knowledge Day and Night Some say you are chalk Shorten Yourself and Improve Others Someone said you were a landmark Skillfully guide students'future Some say you are a bridge Direct access to victory Some say you are a castle Knowledge is like a treasure trough Some say you are a kind mother Great love is as dear as gold. Some say you're a strict father Church is more true in life Some say you are a friend Some say you are a wise person Some say you are a green leaf Some people say you are the twist wick of the lamp Some say you are an enlightener Some say you are a seeder There are countless words to describe you. Praise Your Virtue In Beautiful Writing You have a special mission. You shape the soul of the people Your career is the most magnificent in the world Your title is the most amiable in the world. People admire you because Your spirit of hard work and struggle People praise you because You selflessly contribute to the society and bring up people You forget yourself and work with great enthusiasm You persist in pursuit of magnificent youth You let fly hoping to use glittering language You realize your ideal with the incarnation of wisdom You use a pair of dexterous hands Draw a blueprint for the future of our motherland Frost on your temples Make the blueprint more beautiful and true You use tremendous strength Promoting the rapid development of society You spend your life energy Drawing the Rapid Progress of Human Civilization No more beautiful music can sing your greatness No more beautiful poems can finish your merits. On the occasion of Teacher's Day Let me sincerely wish all the teachers in the country. Happy holidays and good luck Happiness, health and youth    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x For You and My Dear Teacher It's another year of flying geese. It's another year when the reeds are flying. Another year of frost, rain and snow, Another year, peaches and plums are fragrant. Dear teacher, respectful teacher, Maybe you are still using bright eyes to see your old disciples running in all directions. Maybe you are teaching your new disciples how to grow up in a loud voice. So today, in your festival, you can rest and give yourself a breathing time. Please accept our blessings and listen to the poems we have dedicated to you. Listen to our heartfelt singing. Some people say that the teacher is really sacred, heaven and earth, you are in the five rows. Some people say that teachers are really great, Tao exists, teacher exists, this is the case from ancient times. In fact, the greatness of teachers lies in burning themselves and illuminating others. In fact, the teacher's sacredness lies in writing down the truth and wiping off the utilitarian, and the world's disputes never come to mind. Teachers are also ordinary. Teachers are small, too. Ordinary teachers, for a problem, blush and yearn. Small teachers will tear for a little greeting card sent by students. Ah!My teacher, Ah!My teacher, Your greatness is beyond words. Your ordinary, admirable; You are holy and wordless. Your insignificance makes the richest man vacant. Students often say that the teacher is a gardener, seedling watering, meticulous, the focus of the language is long. Students often sigh, the teacher is a candle, grey, no complaints, no regrets, willing to keep two lines of clear tears. Students always say, teacher, you are like a torch, illuminating every ignorant place with the light of knowledge. Students always think, why do you always give me confidence and hope? Ah!My dear teacher, Ah!My respected teacher, You are a ladder, you let countless mediocrity across the shoulder, become brilliant. You are a melting pot, you shape ignorance into a pillar of society. Teacher, teacher, You are our eternal pride and pride. You are our eternal dignity and strength. When time turns into stars and history into vicissitudes, you are still keeping your nest and flying with hope

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