Work plan of kindergarten's first semester tutoring This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Work plan of kindergarten's first semester tutoring Situation analysis: Last semester, we paid close attention to the routine work. The classes further clarified the responsibilities of the members of the Family Education Committee. The members of the Family Committee took their responsibilities and participated in the planning and activities of the class work.We continued to carry out parent volunteer activities such as "Love Campus Volunteer for Harmony", halfday opening of parents, spring outing of parents and children, and celebration of 61 parents and children, so as to normalize the work of family education. In addition, we continue to tap into the characteristics of family education activities.Fully tapping parents'resources, parents were invited to carry out targeted family education guidance lectures for all age groups. I. Guiding Ideas: Continue to adhere to the concept of "making kindergartens, families and communities unite as a whole of education". Guided by the spirit of "Shanghai Education 018-year-old Guidance Outline Family (Trial Implementation)", we will further innovate the management mechanism of parents'work, constantly improve the guidance ability of teachers' family education and the parents'parenting, level of deepen the cooperative education between home and community, and enhance Kindergarten-based education.Construction. the brand of family II. Working objectives: Build a home exchange platform, carry out rich homeland enhance co-education activities, parents'awareness of participation in education, and form a coeducation atmosphere. 3. Specific measures: (1) Continue to play the role of the Family Committee and participate in kindergarten management     1To select parents'representatives from new small classes and set up a new round of family committees.     2Planning and participating in various parent-child activities of classes and grade groups, and writing and uploading experience to online parents'schools.     3To encourage parents from different industries to participate in teaching and prepare for the formation of a resource bank.    4Regular meetings of kindergarten family committees should be held to strengthen contacts and give full play to the leadership and bridge role of kindergarten committees, so as to encourage other parents to share educational resources with children according to their abilities and support kindergartens and classes to carry out various activities. (2) Strengthen two-way interaction and realize synchronous home education    1On the basis of last semester, all grade groups continue to design and use growth files according to the characteristics and themes of children's age.     3Enriching the network platform of kindergartens, content of strengthening constantly "online parent the updating the school", and contact and communication with parents.     4Encourage parents to complete a monthly question, improve parents'enthusiasm to write learning experience, and strengthen the internal motivation of learning in depth.     5Continue to carry out regular home education: half-day open activities, parents'lectures at all grades, parentchild activities, Home-School Interaction network, etc.     6Continue to carry out parent volunteer service activities.Every day, two parents are guaranteed to provide volunteer service during the period of coming to the school, to help the guards maintain the order at the school gate, and to connect the school bus children safely to the campus.   7Make full use of Home-School Interaction platform, other media and "No Lost in Family Education" to carry out full coverage, allround home interaction and tutoring guidance. (3) Integrating high-quality resources and expanding educational space     1To tap parents'resources, carry out "parents in class" activities, make full use of the rich resources of different professions to make the interaction of home dynamic, and greatly stimulate the enthusiasm of parents to participate i

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