Collagen is the main component of skin. With the growth of age, the collagen in women's body will slowly lose. The loss of collagen will lead to a series of skin problems, such as skin loss of elasticity, skin dullness, pore enlargement, color spots, wrinkles, etc. the skin is no longer in a young state. Therefore, we need to pay attention to supplement collagen every day. I. how to effectively supplement collagen 1. eat more collagen containing foods Eat more collagen containing foods everyday, such as animal skin, fish skin, pig skin, chicken skin, duck, etc., animal tendons, such as chicken feet, pig feet tendons, cow's feet tendons, sheep's feet tendons, and animal cartilage, such as crispy bone, shark's fin, etc., fish glue, bird's nest, flower glue, bear's paw, sea cucumber, shark's fin, donkey hide gelatin and other foods also contain a lot of collagen. 2, eat more foods rich in vitamin C Vitamin C can promote the synthesis of collagen. If the intake of vitamin C is insufficient for a long time, it will affect the synthesis of collagen. It is better to eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as strawberry, guava, kiwi fruit, grape, cherry, orange, tomato, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, etc. 3. proper amount of collagen powder Collagen powder is a powdery preparation rich in collagen. It is the best time for skin repair from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. it is recommended to eat it within half an hour before bedtime, or breakfast time, because breakfast time is the most active time for the stomach and intestines, which can accelerate the absorption of nutrients by the body. II. How about Tangshen Beijian collagen powder If you want to supplement collagen powder, you can eat Tomson Beijian collagen powder. The fat content is very low. Even if you eat it often, it is not easy to get fat. It can effectively supplement the collagen needed in daily life! (this product can not be used as a substitute for drugs)

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