Work plan of kindergarten large class for the second semester of the year 1. Class situation analysis of 31 children in this class, including 18 boys and 13 girls.This semester is the last semester for children in kindergarten, and also the most critical one.After more than two years of kindergarten life, every child has made great progress and improvement on the original basis.Advantages: Most children have good living and hygiene habits; they can basically abide by the rules of activities, have good self- awareness, good learning and behavior habits; they can actively participate in various activities; they can express their feelings of beauty in various forms, and have certain aesthetic ability.Deficiencies: Some children's development in some aspects needs to be strengthened. In terms of language expression ability, through the multi-channel training of last semester, children's language expression ability has been greatly improved, but there are still some children with introverted personality who can not express themselves confidently and boldly.Individual children are distracted, impatient, lack of concentration or short time in learning activities.After analyzing the above shortcomings, we formulate the following requirements: 1. Consolidate the habits of children in all aspects of kindergartens.2. Encourage individual children to express their opinions confidently and boldly.3. Attract the participation of all children through various forms of learning activities.4. Teach students in accordance with their aptitude and strive to train them to become qualified and popular pupils.Aiming at consolidating the habits of children in our class in all aspects of kindergarten, there are two points as follows: 1. To further cultivate children's life and hygiene habits in our class.2. Know what you are doing and be able to do good things for the class and others on your own initiative.Specific measures are as follows: 1. Remind children to maintain personal hygiene and pay attention to the hygiene of the surrounding living environment.2. Every day, please check what children do in their daily life, such as folding quilts, hanging clothes, etc.3. After doing a good job for the class or others, you can make a Pentagon on your own record sheet.There are the following measures to promote the bold expression of children in our class: 1. Seize the favorable opportunity of one-day activities, communicate with individual children more, and understand their inner world.2. Carry out more mixedclass activities to find more friends and help some children communicate with others more confidently and freely.To arouse individual attention and divert children's interest, the following points should be done: 1. Continue to carry out thematic activities according to children's wishes this semester.2. Develop a variety of thematic activities, so that all children are interested in the content of the activities.3. Grasp the interest points of different children in time, embody their participation and principal position more, and cultivate their initiative learning and inquiry learning.4. Develop the theme activity of "I want to go to primary school", arrange homework appropriately to cultivate children's task consciousness, and strengthen children's rule consciousness in the activity.In addition, visiting primary schools, developing role games to simulate primary schools, adjusting seats, properly prolonging the activity time and so on, lay a good foundation for children to enter primary schools.2. Safety objectives: Safety work should be put first to ensure the physical and mental health of every child. (Used) Measures: 1. Always remind children in a day's activities, educate them to tell adults as soon as possible when they are in danger.2. According to the monthly and weekly education objectives, safety education should be targeted.3. Deeply carry out safety activities every week to build up good safety awareness and self-protection ability.Third, parents'work objectives: to do a good job in parents' work and further improve parents'satisfaction.Measures: 1. Hold parents'meeting and communicate regularly with the members of the family committee, asking them to give suggestions for the work of our class.2. Change the content of the homeland co-education column regularly, and publicize and communicate every work carried out by the class to parents.3. Invite parents and

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