First semester of the school year 2019-2020 Fourth grade head teacher's work plan west king Zhuang Small learn Zhang Jing Sheng First semester of the school year 2019-2020 Fourth Grade Work Plan 1. Class Student Situation There are 8 students in this class, including 4 boys and 4 girls.Through understanding, students in this class can abide by school discipline, go to and from school on time, and complete what they should do.Most of the students have initially developed good learning habits, answering questions actively in class and participating in group discussions. They have formed certain learning ability, ability to cooperate with others, sense of participation and sense of competition.However, there are also two students in the class who do not do well in completing their homework on time and writing carefully. The key reason is laziness. Teachers and parents need to pay attention to the cultivation of learning habits.In the new school year, we should continue to strive for continuous progress, achieve better results, and establish a good class style, train students into a generation of new people with ideals, morality, culture and discipline, and become a qualified socialist builder and successor. 2. Work objectives for the semester (1) Class style construction: 1We should do a good job in the construction and training of class cadres and give full play to the role of class management. New semester, new weather, I decided to re-elect the class committee.On the first day of school, I asked the students to elect the monitor, deputy monitor, study committee, Discipline Committee and Labor Committee by democratic election, and formed a new class committee.For each class cadre, I have carried out a strict division of tasks, so that they can clearly define their responsibilities, students at any time to monitor their work.At the same time, I convened a class committee to encourage them to work boldly, and to teach them some methods of class hygiene, discipline, class culture construction and management.I think if we want to cultivate a good class collective, the role of class cadres is very important. We should first form a good sense of solidarity and cooperation among class cadres. We should use class cadres'actions to drive students' actions and let good behavior drive the whole class collective, so as to achieve good results. 2Strengthen students'self-management ability, so that students can learn with goals and conduct with guidelines. In view of the study and discipline management of the class, I divided the discipline group and the study group in the class, and determined the group leader respectively.According to the opinions of the students, a detailed evaluation system has been worked out.There is a competitive relationship between the group and the group, which greatly stimulates the children's awareness of learning and discipline, so that they can learn with goals, act with guidelines, and jointly create a good class learning atmosphere.Through the above adjustments, my purpose is to let children give full play to their sense of ownership, exercise their own management, and urge their own continuous progress, I believe they have the ability to do a good job. (2) Conventional education: 1Make full use of the time of class and team meetings and morning meetings to learn the Code of Conduct for Primary School Students and the Code of Conduct for Primary School Birthdays, and require students to follow the norms in their daily study and life so as to gradually develop good study and living habits.At the same time, I should grasp the three good habits of "not throwing garbage everywhere", "not chasing in public places, not making much noise", "not eating snacks in school" and do a good job of cultivating and educating students.I will set up a "small supervisory post" in my class, which is responsible for supervising and inspecting students'daily behavior.At the end of the semester, another "normative youth" evaluation activity will be carried out to achieve good results. 2Make rational use of flag-raising ceremonies and major festivals to strengthen students'moral education.In this semester, we will hold some meaningful thematic class meetings on Teachers'Day, National Day and New Year's Day to further educate students to learn to be grateful to teachers, parents and motherland.Let students know how to repay, respect and cultivate their good feelings. 3T

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