Last semester's head teacher's work plan 1. Analysis of Class Students There are 51 students in this class, including 28 girls and 23 boys.Most students have good behavior habits, but because of their younger age and poor self-control ability, they often can not control themselves. Many behavior habits need to be further developed. Some parents are busy with their livelihoods, which has some obstacles to tutoring their children. II. Guiding Ideas This semester, the work of head teachers will continue to be guided by the Outline for the Implementation of Civil Moral Construction and the Code for Primary School Students, and through the main channels of class meetings and classroom teaching, strive to cultivate students'habits and habits, and to highlight the characteristics of our class. III. Working objectives 1. Strengthen the education of students'behavior habits and improve their self-management ability. 2. Through various educational activities, students can learn to be human. IV. Working Measures 1. Attention should be paid to fostering education and good study habits and living habits. 2. Let students gradually form good moral character, behavior habits, learning habits and positive learning attitude, so as not to make a student lag behind. 3Strengthen the management of underachievers, care for students, understand students, timely grasp the psychological changes of students, grasp the development of their growth path. 4. The combination of family education, often with the parents of students, so that schools and parents of students, so that school education and family education are organically combined. 5. To do a good job in the work of young pioneers, as a head teacher, we must do a good job in the work of young pioneers and let students actively join the organization. Work plan of head teacher for next semester I. Guiding Ideas Guided by the overall work plan of the school, aiming at carrying out quality education in depth, we should focus on school theme education activities, improve students'ideological quality and carry out rich and meaningful Young Pioneer activities. II. Analysis of the Current Situation of Students in Our Class There are 49 students in this class, including 26 girls and 23 boys.Most of the students are children of migrant workers or migrant workers.Because of the differences in education between the outflow and the inflow areas, the children of migrant workers enter the public schools.There are obvious differences between the education and personality psychological characteristics of the children of migrant workers and urban students. 3. Key Points and Objectives of Class Work 1. Pay attention to students'routine cultivation education and cultivate good behavior. 2. Do a good job of class health management, students'daily behavior training. III. Working objectives 1. Strengthen the standard management of classes, from entering schools, classes, breaks, gymnastics to personal appearance, to meet the requirements of the norms of daily behavior of middle school students. 2. Strengthen the construction of class environment and create a good learning and living environment.Starting with daily duty work, we should cultivate students'good moral and health habits and create a clean and healthy class environment. 3. Strengthen the ideological and moral construction of class students.Take advantage of class meetings and large-scale collective activities in schools to educate students in collectivism, legal system and safety, cultivate students'collective awareness, law-abiding awareness and safety awareness, and promote students' healthy development. 4. Strengthen the connection between home and school, maximize the use of educational resources, and improve the effectiveness of class students'education.Parents'support and cooperation in school education work through home visits and other means can carry out class management work well. IV. Working Measures 1. To train health team leaders, guide them how to divide their work, take responsibility to people, enhance team awareness, and play a leading role as a model. 2. Establish and improve the evaluation system, set up a comprehensive quantitative evaluation column in the class, students in a certain area can perform well at any time, students get 20 points, you can change the moon.It shows that students have improved significantly in all aspects. 3Students'award cards with good

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