Work plan of head teacher in the first semester of the first semester This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Work plan of head teacher in the first semester of the first semester Sending off my second graduation class, I stepped into the ranks of first-grade head teachers.To be honest, taking over the first grade, I had already prepared for a hard year or two, but after two weeks, I still had a sore throat and had no effect with a loudspeaker.Although I taught first grade, it was six years ago. Now the new curriculum, new ideas, students are new, textbooks are new, and everything has to be restarted. It is still a bit inappropriate.In fact, like the freshmen in the first grade, we all need an adaptation process, only hope running-in period will be shorter. that the In order to better transform the role of head teachers from high to low, to build a class style of "unity, liveliness, rigorousness and study", to train students into a new generation with ideals, morality, culture and discipline, and to be a qualified socialist builder and successor.I have done some preparatory work and made the following class work plan: I. Basic Situation of Classes There are 48 students, 23 girls and 25 boys in our class. There are relatively more boys and discipline is more difficult.There are 17 students on loan in this class. In fact, many local registered permanent residences are newly transferred from other places. Generally speaking, about half of the children are from other places. The work of parents is also based on workers, farmers and other grass-roots jobs.From the performance of the first week of school, most of the children in this class can listen to the teacher's education, smart and sensible, pure and enthusiastic.But there are also some children who are more naughty and free, some catch frogs after class, and some even fall asleep in class. It seems that some students are not adapted to the rigorous learning atmosphere in primary school.There are also big differences in children's foundation. They have mastered Pinyin and some Chinese characters for a long time, but they can't distinguish the four tones of A. After teaching, they still have to forget, let alone spell. It's really worrying! There are obvious differences among students. How can students adapt to primary school life faster and better and become a qualified primary school student as soon as possible?I am trying to explore and think positively! II. Working objectives and requirements     1To cultivate and form a good class atmosphere.   2To guide students to develop good study habits and living habits, and to guide students to start from the small things around them.     3Strengthen contact and communication with parents, cooperate closely with parents and care for every student.     4To make students civilized, polite, develop good hygiene habits, love public property, and observe discipline. III. Key Work Points     1Pay attention to students'routine education and develop good study habits Developing a good study habit and behavior habit is beneficial to students for life.From preschool children to freshmen in the first grade, for them, there must be a process of adaptation. In this process, the head teacher should make great efforts to carry out regular education for them, constantly reminding students that they should abide by the school system in school and carry out regular training for them.Children just enter school, nothing will happen, and even a considerable number of them have not received pre-school education. This new environment is not suitable for them, which requires the patience of the head teacher to teach them from all aspects.Therefore, a few days before the start of school, I specialize in all kinds of routine education for them, such as not being late for class, not leaving early, listening attentively in class, raising my hand to speak, keeping the campus clean and tidy, and so on.Over the past week, they have initially adapted to campus life, but some habits are not ideal. I strive to adopt various incentive methods in the shortest time, such as Red Star incentive, Star for Apple, etc., to develop their good hab

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