Work Plan of Geography Teaching and Research Group in Middle Schools Taking the scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, the overall development of human beings as the fundamental goal, success education, appreciation education and life education as the focus of work, and in view of the characteristics of geographical disciplines, we should earnestly grasp the concept of new curriculum reform, actively infiltrate ideological education, and truly achieve the moral education of all staff in order to better educate people.Below are the related contents arranged by Xiaobian Zhaocai. Welcome to read and refer to them.In high school learning, geography is a very headache for many students. In order to make students learn geography better, it is very important for teachers to prepare the last semester's teaching plan of the Geography Preparatory Group of Grade XX, Grade XX, Grade Three. The following is the preparation of the geography teaching plan of Grade XX, Grade Three.1. Strengthen the study of teaching routine, conscientiously implement the "Five Serious" teaching 1. Seriously prepare lessons 1. According to the requirements of the school, organize all teachers of the geography group to study the teaching materials and discuss the teaching methods of the new textbooks. Teachers of Senior Three need to seriously study the new examination mode under the new curriculum reform, and study the Countermeasures of teaching and review.The college entrance examination in XX will further emphasize and embody the role of geography and the characteristics of the new curriculum reform, and will pay more attention to the foundation.(2) Make a monthly self-examination of lesson preparation Notes and correct the problems in time.At the same time accept the inspection of the school.2. Serious class: Basing on the classroom, using 45 minutes well is the main position of teaching. The quality of classroom teaching directly affects the improvement of teaching quality and students'quality. In the classroom, students should always be the main body, while teachers should give priority to guidance, so that students can actively, consciously and exploratively learn knowledge, at the same time, with a certain amount of classroom exercises, in order to consolidate the knowledge they have learned.。 (2) Open classes should be well attended, more lectures should be encouraged, and each public class should be improved, especially open classes, contest teaching activities and observation classes, so as to gather wisdom and discuss with each other so as to seek a good teaching plan and strive for a good teaching effect.In this semester, each teacher will open classes at school level and some of them to the outside world. Before each open class, the teacher will say that the class will be taught again after class. After class, other teachers will discuss the class. Through the open class activities of this semester, we can have a more specific understanding of the exploration of classroom teaching mode, and at the same time, improve the effect of classroom teaching, which has a positive significance for promoting quality education, and at the same time, improve teachers.The level of lecture presentation and discussion.We should strengthen teacher-toteacher attendance, open the classes of old teachers to new teachers and give more guidance to new teachers.3. Seriously correcting homework requires the whole group of teachers to correcting homework conscientiously, so that the whole group of classroom homework can be corrected, the whole group of classroom exercises can be corrected, and a small number of poor students can strive for face-to-face approval, while afterclass exercises can strive for multiple batches.The preparation group conducts self-examination monthly, the teaching and Research Group conducts spot check monthly, and cooperates with the Educational Administration Department for inspection.4. Counseling students conscientiously and doing a good job in improving their quality and making up for their deficiencies. In view of the implementation of the college entrance examination mode under the new curriculum reform in Anhui Province in 2009, we must continue to adjust our teaching ideas, further optimize geography teaching, stimulate students'interest in learning geography, cultivate potential geographic specialists and do a good job in improving their quality.In the aspect of making up for the def

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