Work Plan of English Research Team in Primary Schools Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. I. Guiding Ideas This semester, under the guidance of the important thought of "Three Represents", the teaching and research group will carry out the work plan of the teaching department and the teaching department, continue to improve the regular management of English teaching and improve the quality of English teaching. II. Working objectives    1.Strengthen quality detection and analysis, improve the monitoring of academic performance of 20% of students, and strive to improve the quality of teaching.Special efforts should be made to strengthen the teaching of English in Grade Five in order to achieve good results in city monitoring. 2.Strengthen     students'basic English learning ability and pay attention to the improvement of students' oral and written English ability.     3.Deepen the implementation of the "Primary School English Teaching Routine" and strive to do a good job in preparing lessons, adapting, counseling, testing and other routines.   4.We should actively create an atmosphere of teaching and research within the group, and foster the awareness of teaching and research in teaching, teaching in research, learning and working.     5.Integration of teaching and research, scientific research to promote teaching and research, with the help of scientific research to improve the quality and efficiency of teaching and research, and further achieve high-quality education.     6.Carefully carry out weekly teaching and research activities, continue to improve the teaching and research group blog, promptly encourage teachers to participate in various papers, case evaluation activities.    7.We should continue to carry forward the spirit of advanced teaching and research, deepen self-improvement actions, carry out quality year activities and forge a strong teaching staff. III. Major Measures   . Improving Teaching Quality   1.Clear teaching responsibility. Implementing the teaching responsibility and dividing the work of each section of English teaching management.Mr. Huang Dao is in charge of sixth grade English, Mr. Xu Yan is in charge of fifth grade English, Mr. Huang Xiaoying is in charge of third grade English and Mr. Song Yamin is in charge of fourth grade English.Each person in charge should carefully guard, actively listen to each other in class and discuss after class.     2.Strictly Pay Attention to Teaching Conventions Every teacher is required to conscientiously follow the "Practical English Teaching Routine" operation, including classroom routine, lesson preparation, change to routine, test routine and so on.Pay close attention to the formation of learning habits of third grade students and good writing habits of fourth grade students.    1) Actively cooperate with the teaching office to carry out the reform of lesson preparation. The teaching and research group carries out collective lesson preparation at different levels. It earnestly studies teaching materials, discusses teaching activities collectively and studies teaching ideas.     2) Homework corrections should be coordinated with the Teacher's Homework Correction Records Promotion Book of the Teaching Office, timely recording of the quality of students'homework writing, teacher's corrections records and tutoring follow-up, etc.    3) Require students to make good use of home-school contact book to extract English homework, make good use of school communication, contact parents in time, let parents know the homework of the day, and urge students to learn English well.     3.Ensuring Basic Learning Ability Cooperate with the teaching office to test students'basic English learning ability.Make good preparations for oral English, written English and spoken English competitions so as to achieve good results in the competitions.    4.Strengthen the analysis and monitoring of English teaching quality.In order to implement the reward and incentive work of unit testing, English teachers should prepare the course of examination paper analysis. Promoting Teachers'Professional Development     1.Effectiveness of Selfimprovement English teachers pay attention to the maintenance and improvement of their English language quality. They read at least one English magazine every month, actively imitate the phonetic training, and conscientiously fulfill the semester

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