Ksz-1.5s1 (js01a) mobile intelligent soot purifier Catalog I. product overview 2 III. working principle 3 IV. operating instructions 4 IV. precautions 8 V. maintenance and repair 9 Vi. common faults and solutions 10 List of main accessories 12 VIII. Installation instructions 13 IX. contact information 14 Attachment: circuit diagram I. Product Overview Shanghai Kaisen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional environmental protection product enterprise integrating the R & D, manufacturing, engineering design and installation of air purification products.The company's products are made of imported components and elaborately processed by Germany, Sweden and other international advanced technologies. The products are widely used in more than 200 production and processing fields, such as welding, casting, metal cutting, grinding, wood processing, papermaking, ceramics, tobacco, chemical industry, etc. According to the specific situation of domestic welding workshop, our company introduces and absorbs the advanced technology in the field of environmental protection in the world. Starting from the formation, characteristics and hazards of welding pollution, we carefully develop the air purification and industrial dust removal equipment with excellent technology and advanced technology.The product adopts the international leading PTFE membrane micro filtration technology, which can automatically clean the ash, with high filtration accuracy, and the filtration efficiency of the smoke and dust can reach 99.99%, and can maintain a very high gas flow.The equipment is suitable for the filtration and purification of dry, oil-free and non corrosive gas mixture produced by welding and cutting, as well as the recovery of rare metals and precious materials. Compared with similar products in the world, it has high cost performance and is an ideal dust purification equipment in industrial processing. II. Technical parameters S / n item parameters 1 Fan type centrifugal fan 2 Suction air volume 3600 ± 100 m3 / h 3 Motor power 2.2kw 4 Power supply 380V / 50Hz 5 Filtering area 10 ㎡ 6 1 filter cartridge 7 Filter media PTFE coated filter paper 8 Filtration efficiency > 99.99% 9 1 pulse valve 10 Compressed air 5-6 bar 11 Compressed air capacity 25L 12 Noise ≤ 74 ± 5dB (a) 13 Weight (excluding suction arm) 215 ± 5 kg 14 Boundary dimension (excluding suction arm) 700 × 800 × 1600 ㎜ III. working principle Separation: the dust containing flue gas enters the purification room through the negative pressure generated by the fan through the suction arm and the ash guide bucket. The flow velocity of the dust containing flue gas is reduced by the guide plate, and the large particle dust and Mars in the dust containing flue gas are cooled, separated and re settled.The filtration and separation of fine dust is completed in the purification room through the filter element. There is a layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) film on the outer surface of the filter element. The film has a very uniform fine hole, which has a very strong permeability to the air. The dust is blocked on its surface by the filter element through the filtering effect of the filter element.The filtered clean air flows into the inside of the filter cartridge, enters the exhaust room of the filter equipment, and is discharged back to the working room by the fan or flows into the atmosphere through the pipeline system. Cleaning: when the dust is deposited on the surface of the filter element, the pressure difference inside and outside the filter element increases continuously. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value (1000-1500pa), the pulse valve controlling the compressed air is opened, and the oil-free and dry compressed air flows into the back blowing cleaning system through the air pipe. The high-pressure air flow of the rotary cleaning mechanism is injected into the inner surface of the filter element at an instant to deposit the powder on the outer surface of the filter elementWhen the dust particles blow down, the dust will separate from the surface of filter element with the force of air flow, and fall into the ash collecting box under the action of gravity, so that the dust on the whole surface of filter element can be removed. The equipment can realize automatic ash cleaning and manual ash cleaning. The automatic ash cleaning has the following states: 1After the pressure difference between the pre filter and the post filter reac

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