Work Plan of Educational Administration Department of a Primary School in Autumn 2019 This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best!     The Work Plan of the Educational Administration Department of XXX Primary School in the Autumn of XXX Year I. Guiding Ideas This semester, under the guidance of the school work plan, aiming at improving the efficiency of classroom teaching and the quality of teaching in all subjects, we should further strengthen the management and guidance of teaching work, pay attention to the routine habit cultivation and teaching quality assurance, teach well and educate good people with strict, diligent, modest and pioneering work style, and comprehensively optimize the management of XX primary education and teaching. II. Working objectives     1In order to ensure the normal and orderly development of our teaching work, we should continue to pay close attention to the regular management of education and teaching with the system as the guarantee.We should pay close attention to the quality of teaching and ask for quality in 40 minutes.     2Do a good job in school roll management to ensure that the primary school enrollment rate and consolidation rate reach 100%.     3Pay close students'moral attention education.We to should adhere to the principle of educating people and strengthen the moral education of the whole staff.Moral education should be geared to all and pay attention to the whole school, embodying the characteristics of the times, progress and effectiveness.     4Open a full course to control the total amount of time and activities of students in school.    5School team members work together to set an example.Continuously improve their professional level, pay attention to the study of classroom teaching, pay attention to improving the quality of teaching in the whole school. III. Working Measures Routine teaching order     1Strict implementation of the prescribed curriculum and work and rest schedules shall not be allowed to increase, decrease or change at will.Teachers are not allowed to transfer lessons privately. If they need to transfer lessons, they should be arranged uniformly by the Teaching Office. Absence from classes is strictly prohibited.    2During the course of class, teachers are not allowed to bring mobile communication equipment into the classroom. Teachers who are not in class are not allowed to enter the classroom at will and ask students to leave the classroom. Under special circumstances, they are allowed to proceed with the consent of the teachers.     3Teachers of physical education should be conscientious and responsible for physical exercise in class, and should not let themselves go.     4Take seriously management the system.No school roll unauthorized transfer of students, strict management of transfer, loan, sick leave, re-entry students and other work. Lesson preparation routine     1Carefully study the new curriculum standard and write design.Teachers reflection after down should class, the write teaching a summarize highlights and find the shortcomings. good the     2No teacher may enter the classroom without a teaching plan.     3.It can use cards or write directly on textbooks for the design of difficult and important assignments of teaching objectives. Classroom Teaching Routine     1Classroom teaching should be full of emotions, respect students'personality, deal with problems to avoid rashness and rudeness, do not hurt students' selfesteem, adhere to the combination of subject education and ideological education, and strive to improve students'ideological and moral quality.     2Classroom teaching should adhere to teacher-led and student-centered, pay attention to cultivating students'good learning habits and rigorous style of study, and strive to improve students' comprehensive quality.    3Teachers should attend classes on time, not late, not leaving early, and delaying the closing of classes.     4Teachers are required to persist in teaching in Putonghua. Their attitude should be cordial, sincere. Blackboard writing teaching patient and should be standardized, clear and correct.     5Strict

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