Work 2017The Plan of Teacher in Class of Senior Two Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. As the saying goes, "A good beginning is half the battle."The second year of senior high school is the transitional grade, which decides the direction of students'future development.In order to enable the new class collective students to develop good habits of thought, behavior and learning, learn to self-management, selfimprovement, establish a clear goal of life, develop themselves faster and faster, lay a good foundation for the sprint of Senior Three, draw up the work plan of the class teacher in Senior Two as follows: I. Class Status Analysis This class is a newly formed class of Arts and sciences. The situation is complex and the students are uneven.     1Student situation analysis: There are 46 students in 5 classes, including 20 boys and 26 girls; 6 students studying fine arts, more girls.There are 39 students in Class 4, including 14 girls, 25 boys and 12 art and music students. and 2.Advantages     disadvantages: Advantages: The overall situation of science class in Class 5 is good. Most of the students have clear goals, practical considerations, ambitious aspirations and diligent efforts. From the perspective of teacher allocation, most subjects are equipped with experienced and prestigious teachers. Insufficient: In the class composition, all come from different classes, students are unfamiliar, so they are not familiar with the classmates, and it is difficult to carry out the work; some students are not good at the foundation of their first year in senior high school, and can not keep up with the idea of living on their own; some students think that they are smart, not motivated to learn, they are in place, some students are indolent, not enthusiastic about learning and not strict with their own requirements;I am a sports class. I have loose demands on discipline and culture, and I am procrastinating and lazy.These become a difficulty in class management.     5The proportion of men and women in the class is not harmonious, and the relationship between the four classmates is not very harmonious. The core members of the class committee have strong abilities, but some of them have weak selfcontrol ability, lack of sense of responsibility, poor communicative ability, lack of attention to methods, and sometimes can not play a leading role.The overall math performance is relatively poor, individual students have no spirit in class, no intention to learn. 2. Guiding Ideas:     "All for the lifelong development of students" and train students to be modern citizens with a sense of social responsibility and good literacy. 3. Work ideas: Overall goal: Focusing on the establishment of a four-star general high school, we should educate students to learn how to behave, how to learn and how to manage themselves. One is to learn to behave in three ways: punctuality, courtesy and proper clothing. Secondly, learning to learn: emphasizing self-consciousness, thinking, understanding, induction and deduction in learning methods; emphasizing autonomy, cooperation, exploration and sharing in learning methods; emphasizing the common development mode of "learning + specialty" in learning planning, which focuses on learning and supplements specialty; Third, learn to self-manage: cultivate students'management ability through the system of supervisor responsibility, enhance their sense of collective honor and sense of ownership, so that they can develop in a competitive atmosphere, and form a united and upward class style. IV. Working objectives:     1To create a positive class atmosphere, so that students who want to develop can get development, temporarily backward students can not mess up.   2"How many celebrities know" reading activities; "Youth 3Establishing     Bookshelves" in Classes     4Keep writing weekly diaries and make a summary and Reflection on this week's situation. Creating a Learning Atmosphere and Improving Academic Achievements Guiding students to find their own spiritual pillars, the so-called spiritual pillars, that is, the motivation of learning to adhere to the concept of "face to the middle, take the high with the low, improve comprehensively" to guide the management of class teaching, focusing on the main efforts to grasp the students'academic and professional achievements.To overcome two kinds of bad ideological tendencies:

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