2017Work plan of head teacher Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. The new semester has begun again. In order to enable students to enter the role as early as possible and adapt to learning, in order to better carry out their work, the head teacher can provide orderly guidance in daily life, and the content should be close to real life, and regular education for students should be targeted at all times.It is decided to proceed from the following aspects: I. Guiding Ideas: Adhering to the educational policy of the Ministry of Education, combining with the reality of our school, aiming at carrying out quality education and innovative education in depth, focusing on school theme education activities, improving students'ideological quality, scientific and cultural quality, taking patriotism education as the main line, taking the cultivation of students' behavior habits as the main content, paying attention to the cultivation and improvement of students'basic morality.We should do a good job in every class, standardize the daily management of the class, carry out rich and meaningful young pioneer activities, and implement effective mental health education for students.Efforts should be made to explore the new features of class work.Starting from the characteristics of the students in this class, we should establish a good style of class and study, and cultivate a united and upward class collective. II. Basic Situation of Classes There are 47 students in this class, 22 males and 25 females.The overall situation is good. Most students study conscientiously and have a correct attitude. They can consciously abide by the school rules and class rules.Students'selfmanagement ability is better, and class cadres can fully assist class teachers.The whole class has a strong cohesion and a strong sense of collectivism.Of course, there are also some problems in the class: the classroom atmosphere is not active, teachers ask and answer themselves in class. Students'homework writing is not serious enough and the writing speed is slow. Two students have finished their homework in class since they took over.There is a female student who has not learned Pinyin, let alone read the text. Most of the students are not solid enough in basic knowledge. One third of the students hand in their weekly homework with random drawings. These are undoubtedly the difficulties in class management.It's really difficult to improve. Meanwhile, the students in this class are not strong enough to learn and lack the spirit of catching up and surpassing. III. Task objectives:     1To determine the collective goal of the class.The common goal of class collective struggle is the ideal and direction of the class collective.Therefore, I strive to achieve the overall goal of a day or even a semester in my class when I talk in the morning every day.Dialogue with students every day to strengthen the collective goal of the class.     2To cultivate a good class atmosphere.For the students in this class, they are not attentive in class, do not do their homework carefully, and act incorrectly.Determine "unity, diligence, realism, innovation" class style, let the correct public opinion and excellent class style to influence, restrict each student's psychology, standardize each student's behavior.     3Make great efforts to transform underachievers.The underachievers are the dim strokes in the beautiful picture of the class.How to do a good job in transforming underachievers is worth our joint efforts.I lined up the seats of the underachievers without affecting the other students and sat next to the excellent students.Let the excellent students supervise their learning, and at the same time help the underachievers to learn better.Then I pay attention to the feedback of each underachiever's homework. Every homework and revision is corrected in batches.Then pay attention to the learning situation of the Underachievers in the classroom, and let them speak as soon as they raise their hands.Develop the self-confidence of the underachievers.At the same time, we should strengthen the psychological changes of underachievers so as not to let them abandon themselves.     4Class management is meticulous and democratic.There is a saying: grasp the details, fall into effect.The work of the head teacher should be meticulous. On the basis of meticulous work, I use most of m

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