Plan 2017Work for Training Excellence and Compensating Errors Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. The new century calls for a new curriculum reform. At present, primary school mathematics teaching is undergoing a great change. As teachers, we should try to explore how to carry out quality education and cultivate students'innovative spirit in mathematics teaching, and how to lay a good foundation for students' lifelong development.The level of students'intelligence development is different. If we want to improve the teaching quality in a large area and innovate mathematics classroom in an all-round way, we must do a good job in training and supplementing the potential of the class. 1. Ideological aspects of the training of excellence to make up for deficiencies.     1.Do a good job of students'ideological work, often talk with students, care about them, care about them, so that students feel that teachers value them, stimulate their enthusiasm for learning.Understand students'learning attitude, learning habits, learning methods, etc.Accordingly, the corresponding counseling is carried out according to the students'mentality.     2.Regular contact with students'parents and head teachers to further understand students' family, life, thoughts, classroom and other aspects. 2. Effective measures for cultivating excellent and potentials. Make use of extra-curricular time to guide and improve students in various situations, "teach students in accordance with their aptitude and prescribe medicines according to their symptoms", and adopt corresponding methods to guide students according to their quality.The specific methods are as follows:     1.In class, the potential students perform on the board, the middle school students revise, and the top students solve the difficult problems.     2.When arranging seats, we should stick to the idea of "good potential and sharing a table" as learning pairs.That is to say, "soldiers teach soldiers".     3.Classroom exercises are divided into three levels: the first level of "required questions" Basic questions, the second level of "selected questions" - medium questions, the third level of "thinking questions" - expanding questions.To meet the needs of students at different levels.    4.Optimize lesson preparation, 40 minutes to the classroom quality, as far as possible "spend the least necessary time and energy" to do a good job of cultivating excellence and potential.Prepare students, textbooks and exercises to ensure the effect of training excellent students and making up for bad ones.Exercise design should pay attention to: gradient, sticking to key points, difficulties and doubts, facing most students, conforming to students'cognitive law, helping to consolidate "doublebase" and inspire students' thinking; exercise comment should increase the information level, focus on key points, guide students to pay high attention, and help students learn to solve; problem solving should be multiangle, multi-solution, multiproblem, multi-problem, one solution and expansion.Exhibit ideas, cultivate students'thinking flexibility, cultivate students' thinking breadth and flexibility; Solve problems training should focus on accuracy, select ingenious ideas, novel and flexible typical questions, representative and targeted questions, not in quantity but in quality, training should be diversified. Third, we should pay attention to the following points in training excellent students and making up for deficiencies:     1Do not discriminate against students with learning difficulties, do not condone excellent students, treat them equally.    3Specializing in textbooks and teaching methods, earnestly attending every lesson and reviewing the lessons, comparing the knowledge, making the knowledge system easier for students to grasp; commenting on exercises and giving lectures, commenting on the representative students'answers and stressing the key and difficult points of knowledge.To achieve teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, a great mobilization of students'learning enthusiasm. and evaluate     4Check students'homework in time.We will carry out small tests of what we have learnt from time to time, give timely feedback on students'mastery of knowledge, and adjust the teaching plan at any time. IV. Key Objects and Their Characteristi

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