plan 2017Work for the second semester of kindergarten classes in 1997 Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. I. Analysis of Class Conditions New Year's Day has passed, and we have ushered in the second semester of the small class.Nowadays, after several weeks of study and life, the freshmen in our class have basically stabilized their emotions. Some of the children still have crying behavior, and their emotions are not stable.The original children have made great progress after the semester's life and study in the kindergarten. Every child is willing to go to the kindergarten and actively participate in various activities organized by the teachers. They have formed a good habit of self-care in life and will eat by themselves, and pay attention to putting the tableware down gently. With the help of the teachers, they finish dressing and undressing at lunch.Set a routine. In class, they can sit down quietly, raise their hands to answer questions and use their brains actively. They can listen to the instructions of teachers to play games and take part in activities actively. In terms of language expression, children can communicate with their peers in Mandarin.It should be said that last semester, after our efforts, we have made some achievements, but there are still shortcomings that need to be improved.For example, children's lunch habits need to be strengthened; in terms of self-care, children should be given the opportunity to exercise more, while paying attention to improving their hands-on ability and language expression ability. 2. Main objectives of the semester In view of the class's specific situation and existing problems, the main objectives of this semester are: on the basis of last semester, continue to grasp the children's daily rules, cultivate children's good habits of life and behavior, respect parents and elders, serve the collective, form a collective concept, so that children can take this as the basis and promote comprehensive development. III. Specific Contents and Requirements in Various Areas In terms of ideology and morality, we should cultivate children's good habits of being polite and hygienic.The companions can unite and love each other, humble each other, and form a certain collective concept.And educate children to respect their elders and be at home.Consolidate and deepen the content of children's selfcare in life, learn to dress independently, fold clothes and so on, and pay attention to let children learn to do what they can in peacetime. To develop children's intelligence, in daily life, children are required to use Putonghua to communicate with teachers and peers, to speak completely, and to cultivate children's oral expression ability.Enriching the content of creative games and organizing children to play various creative games.Use the time of walking and playing to inspire children to observe the changes around them and develop their observation and thinking ability.And gradually enrich children's vocabulary, through storytelling, learning the form of children's songs, to help children master new vocabulary and meaning.The use of music games, and recess, play music or play games, to cultivate children to feel the beauty of art. Strengthen children's physique, in daily life, a certain amount of exercise every day, in order to develop physique.According to the weather changes, take off clothes for children in time. During nap, pay attention to increasing or decreasing quilts, and develop good nap habits for children.Grasp the eating habits, encourage children not to pick food, improve the speed of lunch, and form better lunch habits.In daily life, children are always reminded to have proper sitting, standing and walking postures, and they are taught to love their five senses.Educate young children to go to bed early and get up early, watch less TV at home, exercise more, and develop certain work and rest habits. In aesthetic education, through the different images in language stories, children can experience good and evil, and make them beautiful in mind.Let children through art activities, create beautiful works, let children experience the fun.Through all kinds of good people and good deeds around, let children know timely praise and encouragement, in order to achieve the effect of education. IV. Home Contact    1Parents should keep in close contac

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