Work plan for the first semester of kindergarten small class This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Work plan for the first semester of kindergarten small class The new semester is coming. In order to make the work of this semester targeted and promote the comprehensive and harmonious development of children, the following work plans are specially drawn up: 1. Class situation analysis: The children in this class are new-born children, and a few of them are under 3 years old.They come from different families and have different living habits. Most of the children are spoiled by their families, selfcentered and highly dependent on their parents or grandparents.In the contact and conversation with children, we found that children's emotions are generally not stable, their self-care ability and behavior habits are generally poor, such as: weeping in the morning, not eating by themselves, not going to the toilet; some have strong personality, forming many bad habits, often competing with their peers for toys aggressive behavior; some are not in groups, wayward; some are more difficult to integrate into collective activities;No sense of rules has been formed. When working in a collective way, they like to work independently.In order to children's emotions freely stabilize as and these soon as possible, adapt to the collective life of kindergartens, develop good habits and habits, and form a good sense of routine, we put more energy into our work, so that every child can have a happy life. II. Goals: To cultivate children's basic self-service ability, develop better dietary habits, personal hygiene habits and sleeping habits, and initially understand to abide by various routines, so as to better adapt to the environment of kindergartens.    2Starting from the actual situation of the class, we should carry out rich and colorful moral education activities and class activities to cultivate children with a good heart of loving people, things and things around them.     3Develop a variety of lively activities to stimulate children's interest in kindergarten life and learning.     4To relationship establish of a family mutual cooperative respect and acceptance so that every parent in the class can express satisfaction with our work.     5Strengthen their professional learning and constantly improve their professional quality. 3. Contents and measures: (1) Education and conservation work: Education and teaching: The development goals in various fields are as follows: Healthy:     It can better adapt to the changes of environment, climate and living conditions.Know some knowledge of health and hygiene, have good living and hygiene habits, and have the initial ability of self-care.   (2) Can actively participate in a variety of sports activities, can use sports equipment for activities and pay attention to safety.   (3) Understanding the main organs of the human body and their functions.Help children understand the simple knowledge of common diseases and be willing to accept the good habit of vaccination.     (4) Understanding the benefits of happiness to the body.Learn to walk, run, jump, throw, climb, climb and other basic movements, to cultivate children's flexibility, coordination and correct posture.     (5) To cultivate children's good qualities of unity and cooperation, discipline, tolerance, modesty and courage in sports activities. Language:     Learn to interrupting.Like listen to to talk others with without peers and teachers, willing to express their wishes in front of the collective.     (2) Speak Mandarin and understand simple stories, pictures and situations.     3. Be able to actively participate in listening, speaking and answering, and learn to express their wishes and requests boldly in a clear and coherent language. Science:     (1) Interested in the surrounding things, will directly perceive and observe the common things and phenomena around, have a preliminary image thinking ability.     (2) To observe the characteristics of animals, plants and inanimate substances.Understand the role of various items in daily life.     3. Like to participat

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