Class work plan for the first semester of primary (4) class in Huaiyuan kindergarten Teacher: Xu Lingna, Zhang Mengdi, Liu Lijuan Twenty-eight children, three teachers and a caregiver form our big family of Class 4.The members of our class work with the same goal: to make every child live healthily and happily, and develop in an all-round way into a new generation of children who can learn, think, communicate and be creative.We will carry out all our work on the principle of "respecting children, respecting parents and giving priority to the interests of children".Based on the garden management plan, the following class work plans are formulated: 1. Class situation analysis and work emphasis: There are 28 young children, 15 boys and 13 girls in this semester. Through the observation after entering the kindergarten, some of them have a certain foundation in self-care ability, language communication ability and other abilities, but there are still some gaps in conventional habits, self-care ability, adaptability and language development.Because young children, individual children are not adapted to the collective life of kindergartens, there are crying phenomena, there are many children will not eat by themselves, plus most of the children are the only children in the family, favored by the family, more willful, coquettish, domineering, strong dependence, companions do not know modesty, unity and friendship.In view of the above situation, this semester we will focus on cultivating children's good routine habits and improving children's self-protection awareness.Enhance children's language ability, self-care ability and cultivate children's social communication ability and music quality.In the work, we should strengthen the guidance of individual children, combine the theme inquiry activities with the teaching in the structural field, so that children can get all-round development. II. Major tasks: (1) Protecting Education 1. Do a good job of soothing the freshmen's mood when they enter the garden.Because children enter the garden for the first time, they will have the feeling of crying and unwilling to come to the garden. We should do the following work: (1) To provide children with a warm, comfortable and interesting classroom environment, so that children can happily go to kindergartens, happily participate in various educational and teaching activities. (2) Teachers treat children with a kind and gentle attitude to eliminate their strangeness. 2. To cultivate children's good routines, improve their ability to take care of themselves and make their lives orderly. (1) Know your own markers. (2) Learn to wash your hands and mouthwash correctly. (3) Be able to take a quiet nap without waking up others. (4) Develop good eating habits and be able to eat on your own. (5) Will wear their own strippers, their own toilet. Specific practices: (1) The ability to eat, wash and take off clothes permeates daily life, providing as many opportunities as possible for children to serve themselves, and creating a happy and harmonious class atmosphere. (2) Organize corresponding contests in the way children like, and stimulate self-confidence while exercising children's selfservice. 3. Develop good study routines. (1) Willing to participate in various collective activities and concentrate on them. (2) Take care of toys in kindergartens and not compete with others. (3) Learn to use language to express their wishes, and to communicate with peers and teachers. (4) Focus on emotional education and the initial cultivation of language expression ability, cultivate children's love for teachers and kindergartens, and initially use polite terms such as "early, good, good-bye". (5) Categorize toys and put them away. 4. Develop colorful festival activities Make use of festivals to carry out various and colorful activities to fully mobilize children's enthusiasm for learning.In this semester, besides thematic activities, Teacher's Day, Mid- Autumn Festival, National Day, Christmas, New Year's Day and Spring Festival, we will also cooperate with kindergartens to carry out some parent-child activities. 5. Under the guidance of health teachers, all health care work should be conscientiously carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the garden, and regular disinfection and mosquito control should be carried out.Provide a clean and comfortable environment for children, streng

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