2019—— Young Pioneers Work Plan for the Second Semester of the 2020 School Year I. Guiding Ideas This semester, under the guidance of the work spirit of the superiors and the work of the school, combined with the actual situation and characteristics of our school, we will carry out planned and colorful educational activities that are in line with the actual situation of the school, the physical and mental characteristics of the children and adolescents, and strive to push our work of the young pioneers to a new level. II. Working objectives (1) Strengthen students'habit formation education and cultivate students' good behavior habits and civilized etiquette habits. (2) Develop colorful Young Pioneers'activities to promote the all-round development of students. (3) Strengthen the Pioneers'organizations self-construction and of Young promote the standardization and institutionalization of their routine work management. III. Specific measures (1) Strengthen normative and nurturing education to promote the formation of students'good habits 1Foster education and good habits.We will continue to do a good job in routine evaluation, strengthen the inspection and supervision of daily behaviour and habits, improve the quality of duty days, carry out division of labour between red scarf supervisory posts and check-up daily students, intensify inspection efforts and give timely feedback to promote inspection. 2Do a good job of school routines and create a positive school spirit.Carefully prepare the flag-raising ceremony every Monday, strive to make every flag-raising can enable students to receive a moral education, make full use of the flag speech, newspaper windows, campus network and other channels to publicize and popularize legal knowledge, improve the legal awareness and legal concept of the majority of young pioneers. (2) Take activities as the carrier, pay attention to experience and accomplishment. improve students'moral 1Combining major festivals and anniversaries, we will carry out thematic education activities. 2To carry out various activities of juvenile legal publicity and education. 3Carry out education.Safety throughout the safety education education should semester. Through and be self-care carried various out activities, students will be helped to understand and master more safety knowledge, learn self-care skills, improve safety awareness and self-help ability, standardize students'activities during class, and eliminate hidden dangers of insecurity. 4Strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors.We will carry out education on national spirit, daily behavioral norms, legal system, mental health, energy conservation and environmental protection, safety, food hygiene, honesty and thanksgiving.Through the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Primary School Students and the Code for Primary School Students, we strive to transform the basic principles of being and doing things into the inner qualities of young children, and cultivate students'feelings of loving nature, others and themselves. 5Develop civilized etiquette education.Starting from students'actual students' life, etiquette we should education, ideal strengthen sentiment education, and train students to start from bit by bit and start from words and deeds. (3) Putting people first, building a good contingent and strengthening the consciousness of educating people 1Strengthen the construction of the team of head teachers and class management. (1) To organize regular learning, training and educational exchange activities of head teachers. (2) Make good use of the Handbook of Head Teachers'Work to further standardize the work of Head Teachers. (3) To further improve the evaluation mechanism of the work of head teachers and increase the intensity of rewards and punishments. (4) Grasp the management of class and students, strengthen the construction of class atmosphere, and strive to make the school's student education work more refined, characteristic and effective. 2Attention should be paid to the construction of main classroom channels.Attention should be paid to face-toface and interactive collective education with students, and moral and social classes and thematic classes should be taught well. 3Attaching importance to the construction of the main position of moral education.We should strengthen the const

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