Work plan for kindergarten management in autumn semester of 2019 This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best!     XXXX Autumn Semester Garden Management Work Plan I. Guiding Ideas: Guided by Outline", the spirit focusing of on "Kindergarten the working requirements and objectives of Zhouzhuang experimental kindergarten, based on the comprehensive development of children, with the development of personality as the core, enriching improving children's the quality and activities, efficiency of children's daily activities, doing a good job of routine management, strengthening the study of classroom teaching, attaching importance to the guidance and training of new teachers, and improving the quality of teaching staffQuality, promote the harmonious development of children's body and mind, so that the quality of education in our kindergarten has been further improved. II. Working objectives:     1To build up qualified teaching staff and promote professional growth.     2We should conscientiously carry out routine management and improve the quality of education.     3Effectively carry out game activities to promote the development of ability.     4Safety work is always unremitting to ensure healthy growth.     5Develop home-based cooperation to improve the image of teachers. 3. Specific measures: (1) Establishing qualified teaching staff to promote professional growth.     1Conduct weekly collective learning and communication.Teachers and staff should be standardized in their appearance and words and appearance, deeds, establish friendly service relationship with parents, establish equal peer relationship with children, establish partnership with leaders and colleagues, and create a positive, healthy, cordial and harmonious educational environment.     2Establish the concept of "Protecting education is service" and "Parents are God", serving children, parents and society.Forming the consensus that "service is my duty and satisfaction is my pursuit" can truly achieve high quality service, smiling service and characteristic service.     3Strengthen the basic skills training of new teachers and improve their ability to organize educational activities and evaluate them.Complete independently all and teaching activities independently.Attempt "teacher-apprentice pairing" activities, learn from each other and improve together.    4To carry out invitation class activities in the park, and to make all the nurses feel a clear sense of responsibility and urgency through watching class, exchanging discussions, contests and so on.We should abide by rules and regulations, cooperate with others, be strict with ourselves, be lenient with others, strictly perform our duties and responsibilities, so that people can be on duty and work in a better position.     5Strengthen the quality construction of the teaching staff to encourage mechanism, improve teachers'research organization and coordination ability, ability, expression ability and creativity.And create various atmosphere, in various forms, to improve the ability and level of teachers'education and teaching. (2) Carry out routine management conscientiously and improve the quality of education.     1Strengthen the management of daily activities, further optimize the content of children's daily activities, focusing on the integrity and activities.Strengthen systematicness the management of of lesson preparation, according to the actual teaching level requirements of on teachers, the way of make lesson preparation, teach students according to their aptitude, teaching preparation should be completed one day before class.    2Environmental creation should be in line with thematic teaching, especially the regional activities of each class. According to the needs of early childhood development, materials should be delivered in a planned, purposeful and hierarchical manner.It can reflect teachers'ability to make teaching toys from waste materials and teachers' activities. ability to guide regional     3Pay attention to the quality of teaching and research activities.According to the problems teachers encou

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