Work plan for autumn teaching and research in kindergartens in 2019 With the Guidelines as the core, we should continuously deepen the reform of preschool education, education and modernization of actively promote quality preschool education, renew educational concepts, explore kindergarten-based curriculum and research suitable for our kindergarten, further improve the construction of teachers in kindergartens, and strive to make the quality of preschool education go up to a new level. 1. Strengthen the Construction of Teachers'Morality and Improve the Quality of Teachers in an All-round Way 1. Strengthen the education of teachers'love and devotion to work. Teachers use their words, deeds and actions to imperceptibly influence young children, and truly achieve that teachers' words and deeds become good examples of young children's learning. They communicate with young children with a caring and respectful attitude, devote themselves wholeheartedly to the work of preschool education, and effectively transform new concepts into educational behavior. 2. Teachers are advised to frequently read such preschool magazines as Early Education, Fujian Early Childhood Education and Preschool Education Research to strengthen the research on Kindergarten-based curriculum.Teachers are encouraged to go to educational information. networks regularly and constantly absorb new 2. Strengthen the work of education and research and actively do well in Garden Research 1. Educational research is the forerunner of education, the key to improving the quality of education, and the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of kindergartens.We should do a solid job in teaching and research, work hard on the word "research", and really study the problems often faced in the micro-field of classroom teaching. 2. Carry out kindergarten curriculum reform, lead teachers to learn and explore ways and means of developing 3S curriculum.Mobilize the enthusiasm of teachers, actively participate in the research process, formulate measures, carry out effective testing according to the plan, do a good job in collecting all kinds of data, and carry out the project with quality and quantity. 3. Make clear 4K goals and tasks and actively construct kindergarten-based curriculum characteristics promoting and reflecting early kindergarten-based childhood development. Teachers are required to participate in teaching reform, actively carry out classroom teaching observation and seminars, often reflect on their own educational behavior such as preparing lessons, attending classes and so on. At the end of the term, write a quality summary or teaching notes, and regularly exchange teaching reform experience to solve teaching problems.Practical problems in teachers'daily teaching. 4. Develop the training of young teachers in a planned way, follow up the new teachers and do a good job in guiding and investigating the routine work of teaching. 5. Actively organize teachers to go out to study, expand teachers'horizons, seize the opportunity to attend classes in city and town gardens, learn the strengths of others, and gradually improve their education and teaching level. 3. Strengthen health care to ensure the safety of young children. 1. At the beginning of the semester, we should do a good job in the physical examination of the new children and the shift-changers, and strictly prevent the introduction of diseases.Do a good job of cold prevention, children's towels, cups, bowls and chopsticks and other daily necessities for strict cleaning and disinfection, keep the garden clean and tidy, indoor ventilation, "parents'garden" to parents to publicize the prevention of infectious diseases common sense, do a good job of morning inspection records. 2. Organize teachers to study "3-6 Kindergarten Learning and Development Guide", "Kindergarten Teachers'Responsibilities", "Caregivers' Responsibilities", "Kindergarten Safety System" and "Kindergarten Teachers'Work Regulations" to strengthen teachers' sense of responsibility. Strictly get on duty, report and deal with problems when they find them, inspect children's safety and ensure children's safety in kindergartens and delivery. 4. Establish the awareness of serving parents wholeheartedly and do a good job in parent work. 1. The new Outline clearly points out that "the

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