Whitening and Whitening What Skin Care Products: Whitening and Whitening Skin Care Products List The yellowing and dullness of skin are mostly caused by pigmentation.So, what kind of skin care products do you have to go yellow whitening? Now follow Xiaobian to learn about it. Skin care products for whitening and yellowing     1Silva skin forest white mulberry skin conditioning suit The white mulberry skin conditioning suit, which is famous for its strong anti-yellowing and whitening effect, is not only the best-selling whitening suit in Asia, but also the darling of many authoritative international skin care institutions. It has won numerous awards. Whether it is good at whitening or moisturizing, it is the laurel holder of all whitening products on the market at present. While whitening the skin, it can also win numerous awards.It is the only product that can help skin to go yellow, firm, tender and smooth, and arouse vitality from inside to outside. This is the secret of her success in conquering tens of thousands of consumers. Recommendation Reason: As a basic whitening and yellowing suit, this series has outstanding performance in resolving pigmentation precipitation. In addition to excellent whitening and yellowing removal, the improvement of color spots can not be underestimated. Some small spots are now almost invisible after one month of use. The skin color is as white as if it had been treated in a beauty salon.     2Shu Shu quun show whitening essence emulsion Japan's Ikemura 3D Whitening Series from three dimensions of skin whitening, is the champion of the whitening world, but also the preferred whitening products for beautyloving women.It is friendly and quiet, permeable, and can feel the skin become moist, smooth, transparent and bright instantly after use.Super concentrated plant whitening EX and Gentiana extract can effectively prevent melanin production and inhibit the biosynthesis of tyrosinase, lighten the black spots and make the skin appear white and gloss again.As well as deep ocean water, effectively prevent the formation of melanin at the same time, let the skin tender and plump. Recommended reason: refreshing texture is very suitable for season use. This essence emulsion is a star product with strong moisturizing effect and high efficiency whitening. It prevents skin from yellowing while preventing melanin formation, and can be used with other whitening products. Mild formula does not cause unsuitable conflict.     3Estee Lauder Brilliant Whitening Repair Night Frost The ultimate plump repair evening cream can help the skin show a bright white look, instantly create silky smooth and delicate skin.It remoulds the ideal moisturizing state for the skin, and makes the whole set of brilliant whitening products play its greatest role.Real-time soothing and brilliant whitening repair late frost texture moist but not greasy, with excellent ductility, like invisible silk veil covering the skin.This rich repair evening cream replenishes moisture to the skin through the following effective ingredients to achieve the best moisturizing effect. Recommended reason: repairing damaged cells during sunburn is a good way to avoid dull and yellowish skin. This cream can play a very good role in restoring the skin. The texture is refreshing. It does not make the skin burdened. It is suitable for all seasons. When it is used up, it feels very moist. The skin becomes very smooth, which means that the durability is not so good. After a few hours, it has to be repainted.Bother.   4Neutrogena fine repair mask Speaking of the classic whitening mask, Neutrogena's whitening facial mask is definitely worth mentioning. Its veneer is very thin and trimmed to nourish every inch of the skin. In addition, it contains deep skin vitamin C and mulberry extract which penetrate into the skin. It can achieve a comprehensive whitening effect. Besides, it is rich in natural aloe moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing, relieving the skin and whitening the skin.The texture of the water. Recommend reason: this whitening mask has no inferior effect on big brand whitening products, persists in using one to two weeks to see that the color of skin is obviously improved, and it is also outstanding for removing yellow. The inconspicuous thing is that this mask is weak in moisturizing property, and it is more difficult to clean after smearing than other mask, and the feeling of using it is not very good.     5CLARINS Whi

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