20XX Work Plan for Head Teachers in Large Kindergartens 20XX Work Plan for Head Teachers in Large Kindergartens It's the beginning of a new semester. Lovely children return to their familiar kindergartens.Because they are all children of the original class, they are familiar with each other, so everyone's mood is stable.New semester new knowledge, this semester we will continue to earnestly study and constantly update the concept of education, change the behavior of education.Provide safe, healthy and abundant living and living environment for children, meet the needs of children's various development, respect the characteristics and laws of children's physical and mental development, pay attention to individual differences, and insist on paying equal attention to education and protection, so as to make children grow healthily physically and mentally, and promote the allround development of physical, intellectual, moral and aesthetic.In order to do a better job of kindergarten head teachers, I have made the following plans I. Analysis of Class Conditions There is a new student in my class in the new semester. Now there are a total of Z children. Among them, there are Z difficult children and Z girls.Through one and a half years of learning, children have made certain progress in learning and life.Most children have developed good behavior habits, courtesy to people, language expression ability, communication ability, self-care ability and hands-on operation ability.We should conscientiously standardize children's daily rules, strengthen discipline education, and strive to do a good job in class education.Further develop children's self-service ability, like to help others, respect teachers and companions, so that they can develop on their own original basis. II. Educational and Teaching Work 1. For children in large classes, there is only one semester left in kindergarten.As teachers, we should make full use of this period of time to provide children with a pluralistic learning environment, pay attention to the development of multiple intelligence education, and actively lay a good foundation for entering primary school. 2. According to the goal of kindergarten education and the interest of middle school children, make a good monthly, weekly and daily teaching plan.Promote the normal development of children's body and coordinated development of the body, enhance their physique, cultivate good living habits, hygiene habits and interest in participating in sports activities.In the activities, we pay attention to the development of children's language intelligence, mathematical logic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, music intelligence, body movement intelligence and natural observation intelligence. 3. Be able to actively and concentratively carry out mathematical operations; observe, compare and judge the quantitative relations within 10 years, and gradually establish an equal amount of concern. 4. Further strengthen the creation of a good educational environment, focusing on the operability and participation of young children. 5. Guarantee children's game time, generate various game activities according to their interests, help children form preliminary cooperation ability, bold expression of communication ability, preliminary problem-solving ability. III. Health Work 1. Strengthen safety education, put safety first, observe children attentively, and put safety into their specific links.Through a series of activities to enhance children's self-protection awareness and ability. 2. Do a good job of daily hygiene, so that there are no dead ends in the class. 3. Pay attention to physical exercise to ensure that children have enough time for outdoor activities.In activities, children learn to add and subtract clothes with the change of activity.And can tidy up and tidy up the area in time. We will continue to do a good job in the health care of young children, especially in the prevention of seasonal epidemics.Children's self-care awareness and ability should be strengthened.Provide children with opportunities for self-service and form good health care habits. IV. Parental Work To achieve home education, teachers and parents must establish equal and cooperative partnership, and home dialogue is the most basic spirit to establish this relationship.Only by keeping the same educational goals and requirements with parents can we achieve better educatio

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