Where to Start Individual Website Construction It's not just companies that can own websites. Many people have this need but can't get started.In many cases, the way of building stations is similar, but the demand is different, and some choices have changed in the process.If it is intended that each link will come from itself, then first understand the operation process, first do what then do what!So where do individuals start building websites? Where to Start Individual Website Construction I. Registered Domain Names As far as domain name is concerned, com is a suffix with high registration rate. If a website is built by an individual, the English domain name of COM should be preferred.The registrant that chooses must be brand merchant, at the same time compare price, basically won't differ too much.In this case, brand registrars are preferred, because it involves the problem of late resolution, and domain names with low prices are prone to DNS instability.In this way, the website will be unable to open or unstable, even after dealing with the business can not eliminate this problem.The stability of domain name is very important. First of all, choose the Registrar to compare it in maintenance.Personal attention is that now registered domain names must be authenticated.If it is registered in the name of an individual, it is necessary to submit a color scan of the identity card. If it is a personal business license, it is necessary to upload the color scan of the license.Real-name domain name resolution will take effect. Purchasing Servers Personal websites are basically built by themselves to buy servers, unless they choose a professional site company, they can be handled by them.Quality is the key to server selection.So how can we know the quality?Although there are some methods, it is not easy for individuals to distinguish, the more appropriate way is to select large brand suppliers.There are many small businesses selling servers at very low prices and with relatively high parameter configurations, but these are usually of unstable quality.A penny for a penny, a very low price is easy to affect the speed of website opening and the stability of access, there is also a risk, that is vulnerable to attack.So we should give priority to big brands, and then choose the suitable capacity.There are domestic, Hong Kong, the United States and so on. If an individual does not have a business license, he can choose Hong Kong without filing. Purchase Procedure Most of the time, individuals go to build websites to have a better understanding of the industry, know how to choose, and can also reduce related costs.In terms of website procedures, we need to have our own set of measurement standards.If you know how to program, then you can do the program and write the code by yourself.What effect the website wants is what effect it will achieve.But if you don't know how to program, you can upload it to the server by purchasing code, and then parse the binding.If you don't know enough about the program, try not to modify FTP. If you delete or modify the FTP by mistake, it will cause problems on the website and even affect normal visits.

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