What's the effect of Maka's pickling Improving Sleep Quality Many people often suffer from insomnia due to the pressure of daily life and work. In the long run, this will have a great impact on the quality of life and work.Drinking Maka can improve people's sleep quality. The nutritional components of Maka are relatively complete and can balance dietary nutrition. Makaene and Makamide, the unique components of Maka, can regulate human hormone secretion and balance hormone secretion, so as to achieve a healthy state of human internal environment, thereby promoting the improvement of sleep quality. It helps to enhance sexual desire and improve sexual ability. Many friends should know about Maka. Makaene and Makamide in Makaa can balance hormone secretion mainly by acting on pituitary gland. Of course, they can also regulate the gonads. The increase of hormone secretion will certainly help to enhance sexual desire and enhance sexual ability.Long-term drinking of Maka can effectively improve the quality of life of couples. Improving people's mental state For sub-health conditions caused by stress in life and work, irritability such and as skin inattention, decay, these irritability, are not diseases, but they often bother you. Drinking Maka can effectively improve these conditions. Maka is rich in 55 kinds of active nutrients, 20 kinds of amino acids, 16 kinds of minerals, 8 kinds of vitamins and 11 kinds of secondary metabolites.With a variety of bioactive ingredients, including 16 essential amino acids and 8 minerals, it is very helpful to improve the mental state of the human body. Improving human immunity Taurine in Maka is considered to be an effective anti-fatigue agent.The mustard glycoside and its volatile oil components in Maka can effectively enhance human immunity and disease resistance, while the plant protein and mineral zinc in Maka can effectively improve human compression resistance. It has anti-cancer effect. Dietary fiber considered to and fructose have in Maka anti-cancer are effects, regulating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular functions, and inhibiting and preventing many diseases.

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