What to eat to resist air pollution 1Pig blood, chicken and duck blood After decomposition of gastric acid and digestive enzymes, plasma proteins in pig blood and chicken and duck blood can produce detoxicating and synovial substances, which react with dust and harmful metal particles invading the human body and become substances that are not easily absorbed by the human body and are discharged from the digestive tract. 2milk Drinking milk every morning and evening can achieve the purpose of eliminating lead, because the protein components contained in milk can bind to lead in the body to form soluble compounds, which not only prevent the absorption of lead, but also promote the excretion of lead. 3Black fungus Chronic cadmium poisoning can cause kidney damage or skeletal diseases.Auricularia auricula contains phytoglobin, which can absorb cadmium into the body through the digestive tract and excrete it from the body. 4garlic Long-term eating of cured and fumigated products is an important risk factor for digestive tract malignant tumors, while garlic has a significant inhibitory effect on the synthesis of nitrosamines. 5Old Chinese Medicine Mist Haze Gentle Tea Old Chinese medicine mist haze light tea, using Momordica grosvenorii, lily, black plum and other medicinal and food homologous raw materials, refined by low temperature extraction, a cup every day, sweet into the lungs.It is suitable for people who work in dusty environment or who often feel uncomfortable with smoking or throat for a long time. It can resist the harm of second-hand smoke, haze and other air pollution to human body.

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