What is good for lung-qi deficiency? Tremella fuciformis Auricularia auricula sex flat, has a very good role in nourishing Yin and moistening the lung and nourishing stomach and qi. Whether the body appears deficiency of lung-qi or deficiency of lung-yin, it is very suitable for taking, and has a very good role in tonifying the lung.In addition, Auricularia auricula not only has the function of moistening the lung, but also can treat the cough caused by overwork or lung dryness, if the cough sputum or blood in sputum take effect is also very good. Lily Old Chinese medicine tells us that Lily also has a good role in tonifying the lung and moistening the lung.If it is a long-term cough, then it must be suffering from lung-qi deficiency, at this time must be nourished, lily is a good choice, but also to promote rapid absorption of the body.Lily is especially suitable for some patients with dry cough due to lung deficiency or persistent cough. Chinese yam Yam not only has the function of nourishing the lung and Qi deficiency, but also can play the role of invigorating the spleen and kidney. Regular use of yam can better promote physical fitness.Yam has a very good warm tonic effect, but also not easy to cause body dryness and heat, can gradually nourish and nourish the body, the treatment of lung deficiency cough is very stable. peanut Peanuts can not only invigorate the lungs, but also moisten the lungs. They are suitable for some patients with lung deficiency and cough for a long time.Peanuts have a good function of Tonifying the middle and invigorating qi, and it is best to take lung nourishment after boiling with salt water.As long as it is taken by patients with lung deficiency, whether they are lung-qi deficiency or lung-yin deficiency, it is appropriate to take it. However, it should be noted that only boiled peanuts can be taken, and never fried peanuts. Otherwise, the problem of lung deficiency can not be alleviated and will become more and more serious. Astragalus membranaceus Astragalus miltiorrhiza has a good function of invigorating qi.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the main management of the lungs is the fur part of our skin. If there is deficiency of lung-qi, it will lead to sweating, so it is easy to suffer from cold.Astragalus membranaceus has a good effect of fixing the surface and entering the lungs. If there is deficiency of lung- qi, it is best to take Astragalus membranaceus.In addition, if you want to make the curative effect faster, you can put Astragalus and jujube together in a pot to decoct and take medicine.

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