What to eat after hip surgery 1. High-energy, high-protein diet: helps to restore vitality.But it should be eaten 2 weeks after hip operation.In the initial stage of hip surgery, light diet should also be considered. 2. Vitamin D: If you have been indoor recuperation after hip surgery, you can't get sunshine, and you are prone to lack vitamin D.Therefore, after hip surgery, we should eat more vitamin D-rich foods (such as fish, liver, yolk, etc.) and sun as much as possible. 3. Vitamin C: Fruits rich in vitamin C include hawthorn, fresh jujube, kiwifruit, strawberry, longan, litchi, citrus, etc. Vegetables include yellow alfalfa (straw head), pepper, sweet pepper, rape bolt, broccoli, Brussels sprouts (broccoli), balsam pear, watercress, green cauliflower, amaranth, etc. 4. Water: Because of sedentary after fracture, it is easy to cause constipation. At this time, we should drink more water to ensure intestinal tract unblocked.

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