20XX Freight Forwarder Job Resume The following is about the 20XX freight forwarder job resume article!Name: Deng XX's current location: age: 22 household registration: marital status: unmarried nationality: Han nationality training certification: not participating in weight: 48 kg talent type: XX detailed personal autobiography I love work, honest, hardworking, practical, if the opportunity, I believe in your company can show themselves.Value.Posts: Freight Forwarder: Customs Affairs Management: Work Life: 3 Titles: Junior Job Search Type: Practice Attendance Date: Monthly Salary Requirement after Three Months: 20XX-2500 Hope Work Area: Shenzhen Working Experience: Dongguan Lianhong Toy Factory Heyuan Branch from 20XX-06 to 20XX-0620XX-09 Company Nature: Private Enterprises: Recreation, Sports, Office Supplies and Equipment Positions: Production Documentary Job Description: Reasons for Leaving Work: Volunteer Experience Education Background Institute Graduation of Foreign College: Trade Guangdong and Business: Undergraduate Degree: Graduation Date: 20XX-06 Professional 1: International Logistics Management Initial YearIn the year of termination, a certificate 20XX-09 20XX-06 was obtained for the major of the school (institution) in Guangdong University of Foreign Languages and Trade, Nanguo Business School, International College, CET-4 Logistics Language Management Competence Foreign Language: Good Cantonese proficiency: Proficiency in other foreign languages: Mandarin proficiency: Proficiency in working ability and other expertise. I have some experience in documentary work.Familiar with computer operation; in addition to learning and working hard to learn a variety of knowledge, including marketing, marketing management, and personnel exchanges; I am mild, confident, positive, fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese, like to cooperate with others, during the school has participated in a variety of activities, such as choir, sketch team, in collective activities feel the importance of cooperation with people.

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