Comments of Secondary Class Teachers in Kindergartens You are a sensible and naughty child. The teacher likes the way you help the teacher to do things seriously. The teacher likes the way you listen to the class carefully. The teacher likes the way you raise your small hand to answer questions positively. You are very polite. You have strong language expression and logical thinking ability.You know what?If you can get to the kindergarten on time every day, and don't beat girls and don't make them cry, it's best to be disciplined! Huang Xinheng: You are a lively and cheerful child. The teacher likes your personality very much. This semester has made great progress. You have listened carefully in class, answered questions actively, participated actively in the work of the class, and painted very well. The name is also very well written. But the teacher found that for some time you have made some progress. Now, through the joint efforts of the teacher and your parents, you have made some progress.You did even better.The teacher is so happy. The teacher wants to tell you that if you can correct the position of the pen. Huang Zihuang: You are the youngest in the class, but you are very smart and have made great progress. You often listen carefully in class, sometimes you can answer questions, you are very polite to teachers, and you have learned to get along well with your children. If you can strengthen your self-care ability, it will be better. Jiang Minghao: You are a sensible child. You listen carefully in class and do things very carefully. Sometimes you can help teachers do things. Teachers really hope to hear your voice of answering questions in class and do things more boldly and actively.I hope you can persist in going to kindergarten next semester and make greater progress in all aspects. Liu Yuling: You are quiet, lovely, and very personalized. Teachers like the way you smile best.You have made great progress this semester. You are serious in class. You often answer questions actively. You are enthusiastic about playing games. You paint carefully.Sometimes when you come to kindergarten in the morning, you have a little mood. The teacher also hears your mother say you don't like brushing your teeth, do you know?You brush your teeth clean and clean. It's beautiful to show your neat, white teeth with a laugh.Will you brush your teeth every morning and evening and be happy in kindergarten every day?At school recently, Teachers often see a shy smile on your face. Hear your sweet, subtle greeting voice. You've been getting more and more active lately. You are bolder than before. A lot of self-confidence. It really makes the teacher happy. Look, You always finish your own meal independently. There's no leftovers. Every day before school, You always organize your things consciously and conscientiously. When playing, You like to play with your friends. They also learned to tidy up their toys. Know a lot of truth. ... All these advances were made by Xiao Lu through his own efforts. The teacher looked at it. Joy is in my heart. Congratulations! I hope you will be happy in the coming year. In class, we can concentrate more and raise our hands actively and boldly. Do things faster. When problems arise, Be brave. Then the teacher believes that you will have a better performance. Do your best! You are a lively, generous and capable girl.You are polite to your teacher, caring for others, loving to work, not picky about food, strong self-care ability in life.Often help the teacher to do things.This semester's performance is also very good, class can raise their hands to speak, oral expression is stronger than before, usually love to read books, love learning, but also to help children do some small things.Teachers hope Jiaojiao will take an active part in physical exercise in the future.Do things boldly and be a competent little girl, can you? Guanting Kid: You are a generous and lovely little girl.You have made a lot of progress this semester. Sometimes you raise your hand to speak in class, but your voice is not loud.Sometimes I talk to the children next to me.Your little hands are very flexible. They can fold paper, cut paper and knead mud.I also like to participate in various activities.Your nursery rhyme is very good. The teacher hopes Tingting will read more books, know more Chinese characters, raise her hand more, do more serious and carefully, and make herself better.Gu

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