What materials are better for making landscape models Landscape model is a sand table model based on landscape greening environment, which is quite different from other models.Therefore, more attention should be paid to the selection of materials. Different materials have different texture, and the effect of the garden sand table model will be different.Then, what materials are better for making landscape models? Here is a small part for you to introduce in detail! Making landscape characteristics. model should be selected according to material 1Clay, plastics and polyester: Clay is generally not used as a structural model material.Plastic and polyester models take a lot of time, and require a lot of equipment and large cost investment.This usually means that once the model is made, it is not easy for the designer to make any changes. 2Foam plastics and plastic sheets: Model materials that can meet the needs of low cost, time saving, material saving and labor saving include foam plastics and plastic sheets.At the same time, these materials are light in weight, easy to process and relatively inexpensive, and can be processed only with appropriate equipment.At present, foaming materials are increasingly favored by designers. 3Paper and cardboard: Paper is an ideal material for straw models or seminar models. Compared with other materials, it can be quickly bonded by scissors. In many cases, it is the fastest operating medium. Paper is used to design and make models. Its performance is very wide.Paper can be shaped into extremely light objects, such as kites, ornaments, works of art, or used to build large structures, such as packaging and furniture.Although paper is thin, it has strength. A simple folding can turn paper into structural material.Its attributes can often accurately describe the structural defects in design.Despite its various qualities, paper has a limited range of applications and cannot be applied to all types of models. In life, there are many materials used to make landscape models, such as clay, clay, gypsum, cardboard, wood, plastics, foamed plastics, FRP, metal, etc. These materials can be used alone or in combination, reminding people to choose according to their own model requirements.

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