2017Small Class Safety Work Plan Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. This semester, there are 37 children in our class, 23 boys and 14 girls. Every child is the future and new hope of the family. It is our duty to let them grow safely, healthily and happily.In order to cultivate children's safety awareness and learn simple safe self-rescue methods, avoid accidents of various kinds of safety responsibility, and ensure the stable development of education and teaching order, our class has formulated a safety education plan according to the age characteristics and actual situation of children in our small class.   1Safety of life Considering the age characteristics of children in small classes, respecting the law of physical and mental development of children in small classes, providing healthy and rich living and activity environment for children under the infiltration of safe consciousness, and meeting the needs of children's various and different development. Adhere to daily morning and afternoon inspection, ensure that children do not bring dangerous goods into the park, if found to confiscate in time, and educate children, and communicate with their parents. Adhere to daily temperature measurement for young children, body temperature more than not into the park. If children take medicine well, the medicine must be put out of their reach, and the name of the child should be written well.According to the requirements of parents, ensure timely and accurate medication, and strictly prohibit the occurrence of mistake and omission of medication. Strictly implement the sanitary and safety disinfection system to ensure that the classroom is ventilated and clean every day; ensure the safety and hygiene of tables and chairs; regularly disinfect toys; ensure that children's cups and towels are cleaned and disinfected every day; ensure that the bedroom is clean and disinfected on time; use the endless energy of the sun to dry the bedclothes in good weather, timely prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, and rationally arrange a child's life.Live; In daily life, children are taught not to move sockets to prevent electric shock; not to put their fingers on doors and windows to prevent pinch injuries; pay attention not to play with water, fire, soap and disinfectants; and teach children not to push or squeeze when entering the toilet to prevent bumps and bruises.Records of succession should be written strictly, and the number and articles should be counted in time and explained clearly to the successor teachers.   2Safety of lunch and nap Children in small classes are accustomed to stuffing many things into holes in their nostrils, ears, mouths, belly buttons, etc. They often pay close attention to personal hygiene in their daily life, and do not put dirty things in their mouths, so as to prevent diseases from entering their mouths and eating unclean and mouldy food. They must warm the soup before feeding the children and bring it to them to prevent scalding.No clothes, no headcovering sleeping, no toys, no objects to sleep, meals, naps to and fro inspection.   3Activity safety Small classes are not familiar with the kindergarten environment in the last semester, and children are easy to be novelty in the process of exploring the environment.Usually, we use morning conversation, teaching activities and games to educate children about safety knowledge, so as to improve children's safety awareness and selfprotection ability.In routine training, children are taught to abide by the rules of activities, not to carry dangerous goods to participate in activities, not to do dangerous actions in games, not to leave the collective without authorization, to get along well with their peers, to be modest with each other, not to bump into each other and not to be crowded.     4Safety of pick-up and delivery The flow of people to and from the kindergarten is large, the space of kindergarten is also large, and children in small classes are easily attracted by the interests of the environment, so when they come to the kindergarten, parents are required to send their greetings to the teachers, and they do not stay in other parts of the kindergarten; when they leave the kindergarten, they are required to say goodbye to the teachers, and explain the identity of the recipients, and not leave the kindergarten with strangers or without permission.Lo

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