What is the Four Gentlemen of Flowers Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum In Chinese traditional culture, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, known as the Four Gentlemen, are deeply loved by literati.The general feeling of plum orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum poems is based on the profound national cultural spirit. Plum orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, which occupy all the spring, summer, autumn and winter, are regarded as "four gentlemen" by Chinese literati, which shows the literati's perception of the time order and the meaning of life.The plum is noble and proud, the orchid is elegant and ethereal, the bamboo is modest and restrained, and the chrysanthemum is cold and beautiful and pure.The Chinese people have loaded their true feelings in flowers, plants, stones and trees, so that flowers, plants and stones are separated from or expanded from their original meanings and become symbols and metaphors of personality aspirations. The "realm" of life and art is to sublimate the limited inner spiritual character to eternal and infinite beauty.Plum, chrysanthemum have orchid, become bamboo symbols and of Chinese people's perception of things and metaphors. They are also the most common themes in poems chanting objects and literati paintings. They are rooted in their yearning for this aesthetic personality realm. First, plum Few of the poems chanting things use 100 pieces of space to chant one thing, and the poets who complete "hundred chants" to plum blossoms are the most.Plum blossom is the most overwhelming temperament of poets. It is a kind of self-sufficiency loneliness of in "Ling loneliness, Han a blossoms kind of alone".It disdains to compete with peach and prune in the spring, but stands proudly alone in the cold weather and the cold wind, blossoming in the snow, full of flowers and trees, quiet and cold fragrance, and attacking people with the wind. From this character of plum blossom, Chinese poets have seen their ideal personality pattern, which is the loneliness of "silence and self- glorification without appreciation". Therefore, poets often use "leisure" to write the charm of plum blossom, such as Lin Hejing's famous poem of "plum wife and crane son" in the Song Dynasty: "sparse shadow and horizontal inclined water are shallow, dark fragrance floats in the evening of the moon"."Qingyi" is not only the character of ancient hermits, but also the traditional cultural character of scholar- bureaucrats.Plum blossom is a common quality of poets, so poets cherish it. Plum blossom is famous for its clarity, which symbolizes seclusion, preservation.The indifference "elegant and and self- unique" temperament and exquisite image make the poet with infinite admiration and deep imagination, looking forward to the happy meeting with plum blossoms: "Goldman sleeps in the snow-covered mountains, beauty comes under the moonlight forest.""The cold fragrance of plum blossom contains the value of moral spirit and personality, which is highly valued by poets. Two, LAN The most fascinating place of orchid is "Youyou", because it grows in deep mountains and valleys, so that it can wash out the beautiful and fragrant posture, and maintain the beauty of nature with its delicate and simple fragrance.This kind of "quiet" is not only the temperament of Lin Quan hermits, but also a kind of cultural generality, a kind of gentleman's style of "people don't know but don't stumble", a kind of open mind that does not seek official career, does not sell reputation and only pursues ambition, which symbolizes the quality of alienating polluted politics and preserving their good personality.Orchids never flatter people, nor are they willing to transplant into prosperous cities. Once they leave the quiet and pure land, they will inevitably be polluted by dirt.Therefore, orchids are only suitable for blooming in the depths where few people live, and only suitable for blooming in the ideal realm of poets. After the fall of the Southern Song Dynasty, Zheng Sixiao of the Song Dynasty lived in seclusion in Wuzhong (now Suzhou). In order to show that he did not forget his homeland, he was sitting and lying in the south.Often painted "Root orchid", with pure brush and ink, sparse branches and leaves, orchid rhizome gardening, no soil, metaphorical Dah

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