Core tips:Pronunciation and return to sound is a term used in the traditional theory of rap in China when it refers to the method of pronunciation.... Pronunciation and return to sound is a term used in the traditional theory of rap in China when it refers to the method of pronunciation.Starting from the characteristics of Chinese syllables, the pronunciation process of a syllable of Chinese characters is divided into three stages: the head, the abdomen and the suffix. Pronunciation is an important part of oral control. The main points of pronunciation are: Word out Pronunciation refers to the pronunciation process of the head (initials) and neck (prepositions, also known as rhymes), that is, the "biting" stage.Word-biting requires neatness, power of spring, and quick combination with rhyme.For example, dian, D is the prefix, I is the rhyme, A is the abdomen, n is the suffix. The pronunciation of the whole syllable should have a certain ejection force, which is the key to whether the whole syllable has "strength".Whether the head position is accurate or not and whether the biting is appropriate are the keys to the clarity and brightness of the characters in the Chinese language flow. Vertical character Literary character refers to the pronunciation process of rhyming abdomen.The pronunciation of rhyming abdomen should be "open and stand up", which is also called "stand up".Among the syllables of Chinese characters, the rhyme belly (the main vowel) has the largest opening and closing degree, the fullest overtone resonance and the loudest sound.In addition, rhyme abdomen is the main embodiment of tone (character spirit). Tone and rhyme abdomen sound are combined to form the beauty of linguistic music with cadence in sound language. Homecoming refers to the end process of syllable pronunciation.The end of the word should be weakened, the muscles should be tightened and loosened, and the mouth should be gradually closed and loosened.The sound is clean and clear, and tends to be distinct. You can neither drag mud with water to leave your tail, nor "go home" with your lips and tongues.When ending syllable radio, attention should be paid to using the weakened sound wave to end the sound, do not change the size of the mouth, do not "eat words", "invert words", "lose words"."Eating" means eating the prefix and not producing the word well; "inverted" means that the rhyme abdomen pronunciation is faulty and the word does not stand up; "lost sound" means that the final pronunciation cannot be reached.

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