What is government performance evaluation Government performance evaluation is an objective and fair evaluation of the administrative performance of government departments through the use of scientific evaluation tools. It is a powerful tool and means of government performance management. Why Government Performance Evaluation Performance evaluation can provide necessary information for performance understand objectives, the improvement management, the help implementation continuously improve of government the government of performance the level and effectiveness of performance management, so that performance government management responsibility can and really optimize enhance public services. The core of establishing the government performance evaluation system is to integrate the government performance management and modern public service spirit into the daily work of the government, combine the internal and external control of the government, ensure the realization of government objectives, improve the efficiency of the government, promote the transformation of government functions, and improve the coordination ability between the government and the market. The Role of Government Performance Evaluation Inspection and evaluation function.Through performance evaluation, management we performance can know and the management performance status of quo of government departments, and make qualitative and quantitative evaluation of government management service and its administrative results. Incentive effect.Through performance management, we can measure the management and service of the government scientifically and accurately, reward the good and punish the bad, encourage the backward, encourage the excellent, and improve the management and service of the local government in an all-round way. Optimizing the role allocating administrative performance evaluation, we of government in resources.Through can focus on the government's attention and superior resources, maximize the value of the government and optimize the administrative results.Promote the transformation of government functions and strengthen the role of government governance capacity building.Through the performance evaluation activities, the working methods and methods of government staff should be changed, and customer awareness, mass awareness and service awareness should be established. How to Evaluate Government Performance Government performance evaluation, involving a wide range of factors, large workload, is a complex and systematic work. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a scientific and provincial local government performance evaluation system, set up objective and reasonable evaluation subjects, adopt scientific and effective measurement and calculation methods, in order to obtain evaluation results that are in line with the actual situation and have reference value. Background material Practice of Government Performance Evaluation in Western Countries Performance Budgeting is a concept put forward by the United States as early as 1949. It is a new concept and a new method of government budgeting and management.Later, some methods such as "Program Budgeting" and "Planning - Program Budgeting" have been tried, and some results have been achieved.Since the late 1970s and early 1980s, due to the continuous expansion of government scale, the issue of government performance has attracted people's attention.It has been asserted that the West is showing a trend of "evaluation state". In Britain, the iron-wristed Prime Minister, Mrs Thatcher, set up an efficiency team after taking office in 1979 and began the famous "Renner Review".The nature of "Reynolds Assessment" is a "problemoriented" experimental investigation, which investigates, studies, examines and evaluates the administrative reform of government departments. Its purpose is to improve the economic and efficiency level of public administration organizations.The members of the Reynolds team are mainly senior civil servants from government departments, in addition to experts from academia and consulting firms, whose official title is autonomy.Through assessor, the with Reynolds considerable review, many problems of British public administration have been found. In view of these problems, the Reynolds review has put measures forward and many practical

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