2017Teacher-incharge Work Plan Primary School Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. In the new semester, it is time to draw up a work plan for the head teachers in primary schools.I am the head teacher of the third grade, and this class I have been following from the first grade.It can be said that they are familiar with the students in the class. They know the top, middle and deviated students in the class well, so they have further plans for comprehensive education.In order to make the class full of vitality and innovation, to better shape the children's mind, to enable them to get comprehensive development, and to make the new semester class can have a renewed atmosphere, the work plan of the third grade class teacher is formulated as follows: I. Guiding Ideas Guided by the overall work plan of the school, aiming at carrying out quality education and innovative education in depth, focusing on school theme education activities, improving students'ideological quality, scientific and cultural quality, taking patriotism education as the main line, taking the cultivation of students' behavior habits as the main content, and paying attention to the cultivation and improvement of students'basic morality.We should do a good job in every class, standardize the daily management of the class, carry out rich and meaningful young pioneer activities, and implement effective mental health education for students.Efforts should be made to explore the new features of class work. 2. Student Profile: There are 54 students in this class, including 29 boys and 25 girls. The students perform well in discipline and labor, but in some aspects, such as unity and assistance, showing their courage and daring to innovate, they still need to be trained and trained. III. Working objectives: The basic goal of this semester is to establish a team of class cadres with enterprising spirit and strong ability; all students can set up a clear learning purpose and form a good learning atmosphere; cultivate students'good behavior norms, carry forward righteousness, gradually form a disciplined, enterprising and diligent class atmosphere, and cultivate a united, upward and civilized collective. IV. Focus of work:     1Continue to pay attention to students'routine cultivation education and cultivate good behavior.     2To do a good job in the management of class health work and the training of students'daily behavior.,     3.Do a good job of selfprotection education for each student, enhance safety awareness, and form a certain ability. V. Specific work: I. Conventional education: Third-year students, for the school's daily life and learning has been more adapted, each rule for them is more familiar.But they are in the stage of transformation from lower grade to higher grade. In many places, teachers in charge of classes need to be able to guide them in an orderly way in their daily life, and the content should be closer, smaller and more solid. They should carry out targeted routine education to students from time to time.Therefore, I decided to start with the following points:     1Make full use of the time of class meeting and morning meeting to learn the Code of Conduct for Primary School Students and the Code of Conduct for Primary School Birthdays, and let students know what is right and what is wrong in the process of daily learning, so that students can develop good study and living habits.And for students who do not perform well enough, timely allocation, guidance and education should be strengthened. 2Strengthen     students'moral education through flag raising ceremony and class meeting.Through thematic class meetings, students can understand the truth of being human and cultivate their patriotic feelings.At the same time, let students learn to cooperate and learn to live in various activities and labor.   3To give full play to the role of educational positions in various activities, enhance students'sense of honor, and make students have others and collectives in their hearts.For example, for the students'writing posture, I will use the activity of "Whose tree grows the most straight" to supervise, and remind and help them in class at any time. II. Class Discipline A class, in order to have a good class style, must have good discipline.Therefore, I start with the following points:   1Classroom discipline Firstly, tea

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